Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Vegas! It Was Fun!

As a dog, you know you've arrived when you're flying first class with American Airlines and staying at the Four Seasons hotel on top of the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Well, Faith had no idea she was as special as everyone knows her to be. We were flown out for the day to shoot a short segment on a Spanish based TV show that would be equivalent to Sesame Street meets Entertainment Tonight! It was fun. Our host for the show is a 3-day old ant, an insect. He's a puppet of course, and he speaks only Spanish. Being 3-days old he didn't have time to learn any other language, but he can do a great deal for being a little purple ant!

We played at Caesar's Palace, and it was Celine Dion's last performance too. We saw thousands lined up to get into the show and into the lobby to see her on the big screens. They were telling the audience not to take pictures, so my manager told them they could take Faith's picture, and that was awesome! She was very well received, I can assure you of that. We saw the Strip, the fountain finale at the Bellagio, and we saw the roller coasters riding up and down their track over New York New York! It was fun to be a part of the show, and it was awesome to have stayed at the prettiest, most welcoming hotel in the world. I have to shout out to Kimberly, to Ladonya, and to dozens of employees who turned down my bed, turned on my music, got Faith her Evian water, baked her little doggie cookies, and there was someone, someone EVER so wonderful, who heated up my bathrobe! I have to go back...if only to steal one of the Four Season's bathrobes! INCREDIBLE service at this hotel, and incredible people there to greet you at every single turn.

Niki went with me as an official dog-handler. She was great. She and I managed to walk through casino after casino and not gamble a single penny. I don't know why we didn't, but maybe Faith was a part of that. We literally couldn't take her 5 feet without everyone coming up and snapping pictures, asking questions, and just being as sweet as you can imagine. They were all shocked to see her in the casinos and t hey loved seeing her on the Strip. We had our dinner paid for when a man insisted on doing so. He was very nice - he and his wife were from Chicago!! YES! (My almost new hometown)

My last shout out...to Vince, Tony, Tom and Drew! Vince picked us at the special request of the owner of the Four Seasons. He didn't have to, it was a special gift. He picks up quite a few people, and he was so kind to us. Thank you. Tom took us to the location, he was both professional and informative. He was a Navy Seal for years, and the way he drove us...made me feel like I was back in New York City! Thanks Tom! Drew drove Faith and the host of the show, along with myself, my agent and our handler Niki. We drove around town talking, and laughing, we even made Drew fix my camera so I could take more pictures! Finally to Tony, he picked us back up when Vince was unavailable. Again, it was something he didn't have to do, but was a very appreciated gift! Thank you to everyone and anyone we met at the Four Seasons...and yes, Anthony, the greeter at the door - kiss your two girls for me!

Thanks VEGAS! We will return.

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Sole said...


I just knew the story of Faith.
I'm from Chile, South America.
You're fantastic. Loved you photos.
Faith, obviously, is a double special! a Champion.

I have two female cats. One of them, came recently to our home. Her name is Pepa, and has only one eye. She's 8 months. And doesn't know is a little diferent :)
I think Faith feels is a regular dog. I love his story!!

Big Hugs!!