Friday, December 7, 2007

Paparazzi to the Animals

We don't know when Caity decided to become the unofficial paparazzi to the Oklahoma City Zoo, but here are a couple of examples of how close she actually gets to them. We don't have a big zoom capacity on the camera. She climbs over fencing and if you look really closely on the right hand side of the Tiger's photo you can barely make out the fence wire. The girl simply enjoys both the challenge and the thrill. I wasn't there to stop her, it was one of those "Check out my pictures, Mom" moments, when she unloads 100 photos from her latest trip to the Zoological Park. (A great place by the way if you're visiting. Check with your zoo to get discounts from ours)

Caity demonstrated dangerous behavior around the age of 2, but because we were visiting my parents farm I wasn't thinking that much about it. There were several horses in the field behind my parents and I thought they were all penned up. When I went to gather the kids for dinner, thinking one of the older cousins had Caity, she was found walking behind a large gray mare, holding onto her tail - - within inches of being kicked in the head. She would also (from time to time) do what I used to do, and that is to take shortcuts through people's yards to get to the main streets. The only problem with that sort of behavior now is the threat of trespass, pedophiles, and the occasional dog latching onto your face or leg. Caity's never really been bothered by these obstacles.

A year ago she performed a makeshift autopsy on a dead beaver. I mention that he was dead for your benefit. I know my daughter well enough to know she would wait. Her idea of having fun sometimes is to drag the creek for dead fish and give them proper burials - - rather than letting nature have a shot at it. It was no surprise to me when I saw these gorgeous photos of animals she could have reached out and touched at our zoo. I forgot to mention that she has actually been removed from the premises in the past for this sort of behavior. I'm not sure if she's disrespectful or artist to the core. Maybe if I just went out and bought her a new camera, one with a really good zoom lens...but then she'd bring me pictures of the tartar on the teeth of the same mammals. I know this kid.

People often ask me why I put up with her....I made her. Best I can do is to try to understand the thought process, and to act before she does - - sometimes I'm successful. It does however, give me a reason to believe in Angels. She must have a few hoovering around at times, don't you think? I've often said that Caity will be seen flipping off the Devil when the Rapture comes, as she's carried away into the Heavens.

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