Thursday, December 6, 2007

57 Million For THAT?

(Very clearly NOT my picture)

57 Million? An English buyer paid 57 Million Dollars for this tiny 3 and 1/2 inch limestone sculpture, and oh, he couldn't' be more thrilled about it. Give me a piece of rock please...this is crazy. I know most of you are with me on this so I don't have to spell it out, but I have a few questions? First, where do you put a tiny little limestone lioness that was acquired for that kind of money? Where do you get the kind of money that allows you to pay that kind of money for a rock with a face and a pair of killer thighs?

They claim the statute is 5,000 years old and I know why - it was in the Bible! Oh, yeah - don't you remember the part about Daniel being in the lion's den and rather than being eaten up by them he decided to grab a chunk of the side of the den and carve out a statute that resembled the really ugly lioness so she'd feel better about him? NO? Then how in the heck does someone KNOW that this piece of stone was carved 5,000 years ago. You know there's a boy in Brooklyn laughing because his uncle Vinny made a few of these in the day, and this one didn't turn out so he buried it. I know the REAL reason Daniel wasn't eaten by the lions, God held their mouths...He sure would have held mine too if I had been at this particular auction! I would have been laughing.

Sotherby's was bragging about how the lioness brought in more money than the Artemus and the Stag sculpture from June. It only fetched 28 Million or so. Makes me feel as if I've entered a new dimension when I say that - - can you imagine the price of a cup of good coffee at Sotherby's? Something tells me I'm in the wrong business folks. I need to be digging. You can't you know, you can't just go over to Mesopotamia and bring your little shovel. Not anymore. Heck, that place has billions of dollars in revenue just waiting to be found - - maybe Oklahoma has something cool to sell? We had dinos here you know.

I can think of a few statues that could be viewed by millions on a daily that would be more impressive than this one - maybe the statue dedicated to our Disabled American Veterans. Again, give me a rock! I'll scrape on it for a while, come up with something monstrous that resembles an animal and sell it for something - - any buyers? Maybe I'll go overseas? Art is never appreciated in its own backyard.

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