Thursday, December 20, 2007

I Did NOT Raise My Son This Way!

REUBEN, my son, is the guy laughing and pointing at his good friend and fellow Army soldier (PFC Morckles) who ended up face-first into the fence when they attempted to slide down really steep hills out there somewhere in Alaska, where the boys are stationed. You'll notice they aren't wearing their uniforms. This was an off-duty, off-the-clock activity, that landed Morckles squarely in the hospital. I do hope my baby boy wasn't laughing while Morckles was triaged and stitched, but I'd bet a dollar he was!

If I had to guess, I would say that the entire event was cooked up by either Reuben or his friend Clark who comes up with some of the more dangerous ways to pass their Army duty time. Last week it was dodging live ammo....good thing they survived that! Now it's dying by sled! Only Reuben was careful enough to get inside the sled and duck down as much as possible. He said the fence was actually there to stop them from going onto the frozen lake, which could or could not be completely iced...why am I being punished like this? I thought I did a relatively good job with this kid.

Play all night, work all day. Today's events at the base included grappling and hand-to-hand combat in the snow and ice. Reuben's gear held up, but he tells me he took the opportunity to hide Clark's underwear in the bowl outside that they use to water the stray dogs and cats who come by for shelter. I'm not sure if I should laugh or smack the boy for possibly upsetting the dogs! You don't contaminate water bowls! It's as if he left the house just to play, and he's doing it in really big tanks and using really loud guns - or fast sliding sleds which have the potential to cave in his face! But still, as you can see, he laughs. The boy doesn't know the meaning of stop. He was born an Aries - head first, hard, rough as hell, and get up off your butt to do it again. EVERY day, EVERY time, this boy just laughs...even when he's the one on the doctor's table. (8 broken bones in 8 football seasons)

So, you let them play. You pray, and you ask God to bring them home safely, or maybe to let them go to war where at least they'll be supervised! Hooah! (Love you baby)Now someone take that boy to the ER...stat!

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