Friday, December 14, 2007

Vegas Baby!

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Hey, you thought we were going to Spain, I thought we were going to Spain, then a little thing like weather stopped us. God is go great!

Faith and I were scheduled to appear in Madrid, Spain for her first international date, but the great people of Gest Music (though they tried and tried) couldn't book a flight with Faith coming into their country via the cabin of the plane. Faith flies first class because of her celebrity status, so it was important to book it that way. (We still may have to put her in the cargo from time to time due to Homeland Security issues on those rare dates). When the weather in Oklahoma threatened to be too cold for the flight to allow Faith to fly under the cargo, the plans were changed to allow the Gest Music crew to fly to America. They chose the beautiful and oh-so-dog-friendly city of Las Vegas, and there you go - Lights, cameras, and lots and lots of action.

Can you just see the people in the bars now? They'll be falling off their stools thinking they've had one too many after they see a two-legged dog running up and down the strip, not to mention inside the casinos. We'll definitely need her bright orange vest for this one. Maybe she'll be kicked out again - she's been considered a major distraction before, what's stopping her from doing the same in Sin-City? She's up for it! Do her little dance, kiss a few people, asked to leave - quietly.

Actually, we'll be filming the television show which we were suppose to be filming in Madrid, but we are unable to guarantee the flight, and don't want to miss the opportunity to perform for the great audience who is expecting to see Faith. We wish we could go, but weather doesn't cooperate at times in the plains states,and its better to be safe than sorry. Do you think Faith can bring me luck at the tables? I think I'll have to designate just a little bit for my good friend and I to have just enough fun. I have to take Niki! I just have to. She'll need the break from her job and her life - - get a little taste of what its like to run around with Faith and see the gorgeous soldiers on the strip. Oh, and they'll have lots of kids there too. In fact, we're looking at booking her a regular engagement, something like a weekly show. That would be incredible! Faith, Family, Fun.

I'll keep you posted on the good times - hope to see you smiling on the strip this coming week. The only thing sad about the new plans is that Walter Reed is out, and I can't express how sad that makes me, but we're scheduling an event in about 90 days to make up for it. We just didn't have enough time for clearance and the way things have to be planned for them to accept us. It won't be long, we'll be hugging a bunch of soldiers one way or the favorite past time. I like it even more than football. (and that's saying something!)

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