Sunday, April 8, 2007

What Kind of Cheese are YOU?

Remember the Sniper Quiz? (I love quiz taking) My good friend suggested that I go on line and look up "What Kind of Cheese Are You?" in Google - so I did. There's a quiz! You too, can find out in only 6 questions what kind of cheese best suits your personality - I think it has more to do with your favorite color. I'm a BLEU Cheese. They didn't have BROWN as one of the colors, and brown has always been my favorite. It says something about me don't you think? If you look up what it means when someone chooses brown as their favorite color - you will find that I am very mysterious, earthy, determined, founded in truth, and above all I am honest. This is true - more so than the cheese quiz if you ask me. Nevertheless - I am proud to say that I am a big, fat, hunk of the BLEU. Here's is the verbatim on it. Good luck! Google it for yourself and see.

"You are blue cheese!You are a soft, crumbly white blue-streaked cheese. You are very cool and mellow. You are very knowledgeable and wise and people come to you for advice and help.Blue cheese is a white cheese with blue veins and a sometimes crumbly interior. This cheese usually has tangy, piquant, spicy and peppery flavor. Use in salad dressings with cream cheese for spreads. [Texture: hard, semi-soft ]"

I do agree actually - I am very tangy and spicy too. I'm pretty sure at my age the crumbly interior is going on too! Dang it!

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