Thursday, April 12, 2007

John Maloney of Altoona, PA (about 50 years old)

Hey - are you out there? Are you in PA? I'm looking for just one JM from Altoona. He's about 5'9", curly headed kid with a big goofy grin on his face, and he liked listening to Prince. 1982 was a good/bad year for the man - he was in love....but sadly, he was in love with me. I let that go - and I'd like to say I'm sorry. That same year this particular John lived in Oklahoma City, worked in construction, walked to work, and lived off of 22nd and Classen - do you remember?

Well, 29 years is a long time to go by without a proper apology, but if anyone in the world deserves one it would be you John. I have no idea what time and the Lord had in store for you. If I had a time machine I could go back - but I'd bring my three babies with me. You probably have a few too. If you're out there - if you're googling your name and you come across a face that looks familiar - maybe not so apt to run away when you say you love me...write and let me know you're OK.

I often pray for you friend, I often think of you - usually around St. Patrick's Day; you were the only true Irishman I ever kissed! Every day was green with you! Time. I lost it.

If sorry is enough - I offer that. If more is required, I'm OK with that too. I will always consider you a friend.

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jude said...

I found him! My John is fine, after years of casually looking for him I finally broke down and used a service. He's OK. It felt really good to be able to tell him through e-mail that I was sorry for the way I left things and that I would love to consider him my friend. He has a beautiful family, one I will never interrupt...but it was fun to read about all the fabulous achievements his daughter has made. Her parents must be very proud. I know I would be, and I am of my own kids. It's a good day when you can rest from feelings that have lingered for so long that just needed to be set to peace. Thank you God.