Sunday, April 8, 2007


There is nothing full about
this place! JESUS has left
the building! He is ALIVE
and that has to be the best
news ever. Happy Easter.
The world celebrates very few holidays together. We all have separate thoughts about Christmas, about New Years, about our various independence day, or the days that symbolize the marking of historical events, people, places, and in all of this - we are liberally tolerant of each other. EASTER is the one holiday that is soley symbolic of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. There is NO OTHER holiday like it. There is no reason for a substitute - He is no longer in the grave. He arose that very first Easter morning, and even though our religious leaders throughout the centuries have celebrated this day differently, adding lent, adding candles, adding incense, adding prayers, adding this or that - the empty tomb is still the most rewarding sight (and site), because without the tomb's mouth shouting full-out that HE IS NOT HERE, HE IS GONE! We would have very little to celebrate - we would be doomed.
Nothing funny or cute about this particular blog - just a way for me to demonstrate that without Christ in my life I would be dead myself, and without hope. If He is not yet in your life - I pray, and I pray, that you will find Him. He's not far from you now - e-mail me if you need any help finding Him, there's nothing shy about my opinions. I will tell you the truth.
Thank you Jesus, Thank you God!
Even so, come quickly.

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