Friday, April 6, 2007

Good Friday to You!

ONLY God Almighty can make it snow in Oklahoma with the temperature being 40-44 degrees farenheit! I woke up this morning to the thought that the pollen must be outrageous! I saw white flakes falling, twisting, spinning in the air - and when I let the dogs out - the pollen was frozen! It was hitting my face and I looked up laughing - ONLY YOU GOD! Only You!

The entire day represents of course, the first full day and night that our Savior Jesus Christ was separated from us, while he was laid in the tomb - alone, cold, dead - no wonder the weather patterns become confused. No wonder the skies cry. Here, in Oklahoma, if you check the weather patterns for this particular day - no, not April 6, but the day of Good Friday - you will be utterly amazed at the way He, and yes, HE ALONE, can do what He does with our weather - getting our attention every single time. Sometimes it rains non-stop, other times it is so gray and so dark that we swear it's Saturday before it's actually noon on Friday. Today - snow!

Was it a good day? Oh, I don't know - my dogs got out. I had to chase them down with the car and assure Laura that they had to feel a bit uneasy about the weather themselves...they will return home. They just wanted a bit of really fresh air. About an hour later I went to comfort a friend who lost his father this week - and I couldnt' cry for him. He wasn't crying either. We realized that THIS Easter his father will be with OUR Father, and DANG that makes me so very jealous. Everytime someone that I know is a Christian dies - I get a knot of sheer envy throbbing in my stomach. He'll get to be there! He'll get to celebrate there! I'm stuck here, and no matter how great here is today - it isn't there.

But it was a Good Friday. My Girly-Girl Cop decided to come home and let her mark be made. She decided not to play the game that the Oklahoma Highway Patrol wanted her to play - they tried their damnest to humiliate her, to push her to greater limits than any of the men that made the academy - and JUST because she's a woman they thought it was OK to single her out, and to make her do things that they would NEVER ask a man to do - so she nodded, politely declined to continue, and she'll never be outdone - I bet NO OTHER woman over 40 makes it as far as she did, and if they do - they will probably succumb to the bullies - she stood up....and...and..she's going to write a book about it to express her willingness to help other women who refuse to be made to feel less of a person just because she wanted to serve in a boys club. She won!

I am not, am not, am not a male-basher - but I won't stand for a man (or in her case a bunch of men) to try and break the spirit of a woman. It will not happen without a fight - and she fought! What a great way to celebrate a Good Friday! Raise your hands and say thank you to any and every WOMAN who was strong enough to be a woman....when you needed one! Thanks Niki! You're my hero today!

Happy Easter to the World and to my God.

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