Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Hiding In Plain Sight!

It can't be easy being a two-legged dog in a four-legged world. Poor Faith, I can't take her anywhere without curious questions, people stopping us every 10-15 seconds to ask the same questions that the last group of on-lookers just asked. She's good with all the attention - sometimes it's me that has to take a breather - Faith just sticks out her tongue and smiles!
We live in a suburb of Oklahoma City, the city is named Edmond, and we're doing our best to help the state celebrate our 100th year anniversary this year - really cool things happened in Edmond in the past 100 years. Recently Edmond has been making news because of a little dog that just happens to live in the neighborhood - we've been here quite a while, but I guess she's just now being seen. They call that hiding in plain sight. Faith probably doesn't even know she's been in hiding. With winter weather, storms, traveling, (getting lost on airplanes and having the media tell the world you live in Orlando could have something to do with it) and of course just chilling under the bed - Faith's been noticed more recently than she has been in the past, that's all.
This afternoon (74 degrees and sunny) a few boys in the hood were playing hide-n-go-seek in the various yards that surround our little cul de sac street - one bouncing, long haired kid took his refuge behind my refuge...our garbage can, one of those big green dumpsters that the city gives you and then demands that you find a way to hide it out of sight so that the homeowners association doesn't come down on you - when did we agree that they could anyway? Whatever - the kid was hiding behind a dumpster in my yard when Faith, who had been visiting another neighbor (to her great surprise), decided to out the boy by skipping her 37 inch frame over to him at warp speed...barking! He was freaked!
The kid was torn between turning himself in, and possibly losing the game, or staying and getting an up close and personal view of my kanga-dog now rapidly approaching him; tongue out, barking voice, no arms - walking upright - yes, he HAD seen the dog on Montel and Ripleys, but he NEVER expected to see her in ....her own yard, just two doors down from his! OUT! He's out! The other boys got to the central tree first, and called him out! Hahahha...the dog won! When the boy called back to his friends that it was unfair they just laughed at him - "She's on our team!" they shouted back - "She's always lived there, we knew that". Well, now he does.
I took Faith to the post office a couple of days ago where she's always meeting new people. It's always the same: "Have I seen that dog on Oprah? You live here?" They ask me if I live in Edmond because I have a post office box and I guess they realize you have to live in the immediate area to rent one - I do live here - and have! No, we're not from California. We're not from NYC - which is the first choice of most passersby because of the 10 trips we've taken I suppose - and we're not from Florida...which so far has seen more of our sunny faces than any other state in the union besides our own Sooner State.
Yes, you've seen her on Oprah. You've seen her on Ripleys. She's been on Montel, Maury, David, Ricki, in magazines, newspapers, on stage with over a dozen rock bands - she's been in circus performances both in person and on television, she's been on Animal Planet, Animal Radio, Animal Attractions, PBS, AOL, CNN, MSNBC, and every local station known to men - but she lives in plain sight - and I might add, not too glamorously - she spends 90% of her time under the bed! That's right people - the World's Most Photographed Dog is a cave animal after all.
Who knew she was so .....normal? (God did!)

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