Saturday, April 7, 2007

Chicago Condo!

Searching! Searching! Anyone out there with a little insight, please give me an e-mail or comment - I'm in the market for a nice condo in Chicago without the realtor's BS about not being able to tell me where to spend my money.

Funny, you can tell a realtor you want to be in a safe neighborhood without much crime (she laughs, because it's like saying you want a quiet neighborhood in NYC) and you can tell the realtor that you want to be close to the bustle without the noise of the EL train, but they can't tell you what area to buy in. That would be illegal. I have $300K to spend and they can't tell me where to spend it. I don't get that.

In Oklahoma $300K will get you a 4300 sq ft house in an area with less crime than the local Lutheran Church. It'll be the best dang hood in the city for sure, and if you want the outskirts - just ask. Oh, but don't ask a licensed realtor - they won't even flinch for fear that you'll turn them in for favortism - backlash advice, or something they call "unethical practice" because they can't reveal the stats to you regarding the murders, rapes, arson, robberies and/or assaults in the area - that would be UNFAIR to YOU they say! No, really - it's not. I want to spend the $300K knowing I'm going to LIVE to enjoy it.

That same $300K in Chicago (and NYC) will get you a condo, which is what I want - in a highrise, which is what I want, and it may (just may) get you a gym membership. (Those cost $275.00 a year here, by the way, and come with a private trainer for an extra $150.00 annual fee) I don't want to be pushy and ask for a garage space - one of my freedom acts is to be without a car for about a year to see if I can do it. Heck, I just want to see if I can survive a week or two of the winter weather before taking off for Panama City, Florida - I doubt I make 2 full weeks anyway.'s what I expect from you: Write me - tell me where to move to, and I know from others it's suppose to be north of 20th and East of Wicker - cool - what do you think about Sheridan Street vs. Kenmore vs. Marine? Did you know there isn't a Starbucks within winter walking distance from 5000 N. Marine, Chicago? Big, gorgeous building, but I will not spend the $300K there if I can't walk to a Starbucks! Forget about it - not happening! Oh, and I will have Faith, and I have my perfect dog Matrix too - so parks are nice. I'm planning on paying a service in the winter to walk the dogs - I'm such a weenie...and I'm buying a DeLonghi Magnifica model expresso machine for the hard-winter months as well. I can always put on a green apron and pretend I work at as a barista!

Love to you all who know what I'm searching for!! It's the writer in me I guess, but I think it's time to suffer for the cause. (Hahahaha...right, I'm just getting the heck out of Dodge!)

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