Monday, April 9, 2007

Faith Alone!

Look, the little book is out.
When I saw this on Amazon

today I was amazed. I didn't

know they were even going

to sell it.

Faith Alone: Stories of an Amazing Dog (ISBN: 142573678-5) is a little book, only 124 pages, but it is completely relating to my dog Faith because so many people wrote to me after reading With a Little Faith and they wanted a book more or less about Faith, not my family. I loved one reviewer - he said, "Could you stop whining and just get on with your life? Tell us about the dog!" OK - but I never said the first book was about the DOG in the first place - the big, fat, ugly, publicist did that, thank you!

Faith Alone is overpriced in my opinion too. I wouldn't pay the price Amazon has set for it, or the price that Xlibris has set for it either. I'm cheap I guess - but it's cool to see that it is available. The reason behind the shorter manuscript was simple: I wanted kids to be able to pick up a copy in their school libraries and read it in just a couple of sittings. It meets every scholastic criteria for a report - I saw to that! Being an educator I thought about it long and hard - and wanted dozens if not thousands of kids writing about a little dog that has the guts and courage to stand up for herself. Maybe it would rub off on them! That's the plan.

So, if you're out there on Amazon and you decide to look up a fun, adventureous little book that can make you laugh, cry, shout, and roll over to pet your own dog or cat - you should like this one. Faith tends to bring out the best and the beast in all of us. She's the fiestiest little girl I've ever raised - well, maybe not as fiesty as Caity, but in dog-terms...she's the one! Hope you enjoy it, I'm just thrilled to see it's available. I apologize in advance for the cost. Believe me, if it were up to me, I'd probably give it away.

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kadie said...

wow that is truely amazing with the dog faith i first learnd about her on animal planet i think she was the number one but i told my dad about your dog and somehow he known the dog before i said her name and then he told me that we are related to you his name is tom edwards i'm not sure if you know him or if im getting the wroung person but i thought it was truely a miracle to be related to a dog named faith-kadie edwards