Thursday, April 12, 2007

Let the Mayhem Begin!

You've seen this photo before, but you'll NO DOUBT see it again. It is the cover shot for the jacket of Laura's debut CD which I don't even know the name of.

Laura's demo will be hitting the producers and the music makers soon - I have about six months more of sanity from the girl, and then it all breaks loose. After the first session of listening to it, tweeking, and just going over it a few times we had calls from boys wanting her to join their local bands - makes you wonder where they were when she was begging huh?

Well, hello to the world of MUSIC - we can diversify I suppose. Caity and I will guard the writing industry while Laura sings. It's a good plan. Everyone wants to know what she sounds like - I think every mom thinks her baby girl sounds better than anyone, but to be honest she throws like a mix of Kelly Clarkson, Avril, and Lindsay Lohan - and then out of nowhere she'll speak Japanese and giggle! She's Laura. Enough said.

So, keep the ears peeled and open for the latest - When people think of Oklahoma they immediately fall to the Toby Keith, Reba, Garth, and now Carrie side of things - but hey, we have Color Me Bad, All American Rejects and NOW - we have Laura. Could be a coup for the Sooner state afterall. Somebody buy this girl a Slug Bug - I'm short on cash today, she's not a Mercedes type or Pick-up Girl. Bright GREEN please.

Congrats to you my little girl - remember, I get into the concerts for free, and you're still doing the dishes every other night! (and pick up your room before the sanitation department fines me!)

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