Friday, April 13, 2007

This Dog is a Diva!

I had no idea she could talk in the first place, but it's plain to see now, that when she does actually speak (through bubbles) she speaks in Turkish! This of course, is a jpg from a Stephen Holman photo which was shot exclusively for National Geographics for Kids a couple of years ago. Faith has been showing up over and over again in some of the strangest of places. India, for example, has given me time in 2 separate interviews just this past week - and get this: Faith won't go on camera easily for them! She's such a freakin' diva! She ran away - far away, and hid under the bed. She even made a little squealing sound when I threatened to drag her out.

Well, all was not lost - we used feta cheese! Every dog has her price. The interviews were very successful, the dog was fed - and in lieu of a monetary payment I asked the two interviewers to send a donation in Faith's name to Operation Iraqi Children - I hope they do. We've decided that this year we'll donate more on the human side, rather than the humane society side. Three years running for the pounds across the country is good - let the kids have a shot at it. This year being the year my son hands out crayolas, pencils, paper, and other supplies to the kids was an easy choice.

So, Faith - with her bigger and better than anyone attitude was also recently signed with an agent who insists that when we travel she be put up in a hotel with no less than a 2-star rating. I would have to agree with this way of thinking, if not only for one thing - they aren't always easy to find in every stop. Holiday Inn and Holiday Express meet this criteria, as do the Clarion and LaQuinta hotel chains - except in Rosemont, IL, just outside Chicago - their Holiday Inn refused entrance for Faith - she was, in their opinion - a dog! OH, no they didn't ! Well, she has celebrity status with or without the Rosemont, and we'll seek a pillow elsewhere if need be.

Faith's other major diva-ness deals with the fallout from being lost in February when American Airlines placed her on the wrong plane. She no longer flies in the cargo - which is a good thing, but she must (must) fly first class now, which means I must, and that could be expensive for the hosts who decide what sort of a budget they have to bring us out. The military can't fly anyone (maybe not even a General) in First Class, so you can see my problem. We do more military shows than anything! This year is suppose to be a big year for visiting veterans hospitals around the country, and we'll have to work out the flight arrangements with the carrier(s) if we're expected to meet their criteria and the criteria of the military. Prayers would help - or actually, if you're someone with a great deal of clout at either American or the Army - that would be nice.

Today is Friday the 13th. For her part, Faith is eating filo dough pastries with feta cheese custard, drinking her water by the gallons and just hanging out under the bed due to the storms. If she had it her way all the time, the world would be a boxspring! (with an occasional hand slipping her something with a little egg or cheese in it.)

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