Monday, April 21, 2008

Red-Headed Celtic Scorpio Woman

I suppose I intimidated him. I was asked out this weekend just as I was returning from a trip to St. Louis. Apparently a man from the area was on the plane with Faith and I traveling to my city to do a little convention or something having to do with being a doctor. You'd think after going through what doctors (especially all the resident years of past) go through to become a physician that he'd be a little stronger in his countenance...oh, but it must have been something I said.

I will admit I was wearing a t-shirt with the zodiac symbol for Scorpio on it, and the picture did have a rather seductive looking scaly insect about to mystically and forever sting her prey into submission. I think it was a Piscean fish. I'll have to look. Nevertheless the man was brave enough to approach me. After finding out that my sir name is Scottish he nodded his head and added his summary "Wow, you're a red-headed Celtic Scorpio woman. Don't tell me you're wanted in several states." My retort was "Only Arkansas, haven't been caught in any others".

He asked me out in a way that was somewhat benign but led me to believe he was looking for a little convention company. Man just traveling through the greater area sort o thing. When I asked him about his profession, about his politics, about his belief systems, and about his stand on military and immigration issues he backed off the invite. Something about just wanting to keep it simple. Hey, Mr. Traveler, I'm no simple woman. You said it yourself - I'm a red-headed Celtic Scorpio woman. Perhaps he expected a little light-heartedness or a few drinks at the pub. Sorry, I don't date. I talk. I discuss. I even debate, but no thank you on the sucky-face, BS time spent between two people who have no intention of getting past the first few layers of interest. I don't need it, I don't want it. I don't have time for it.

When I sat down and asked God to provide for my heart I left it with Him. I guess the next man to think he'll be getting past the belt line will have to remember where the soul sits; firmly in the hands of a God too intense to be seduced. I'm just a human, I went for the true "body" guard this time. I guess it's just the woman in me, but I could go another 9 years without a man if that's what it took - I've got my mind made up on one so I left that with God too. It is what it is. Good thing we're both Christians. I can chase him throughout eternity - without all that stupid sex stuff to get in the way. LOL (Shame on me, I'm all but negating my Scorpioness when I say that sort of thing.) *grins

Go away Mr. Traveler - kiss someone else. It's not your body I crave sir, but your mind. Give me something to sink my intellectual teeth into before I sink the real ones - there we go, found the Scorpioness again...felt good too!

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