Friday, April 11, 2008

Book #4 is Being Written NOW

HOW CAN IT BE TRUE? Yes, you too can pick up your own copy of my 4th book titled "Jude's Almost Daily Blog" at sometime around October 1, 2008. I'll be putting the blogs together over the next week, and then sending them off to the publisher (Xlibris), where they will formatted and completed. I will of course be in charge of the editing, as I'm the picky one. The first book was such a disaster regarding errors - had to make a 2nd Ed. just to correct the problem, and wouldn't you know it, I missed a few anyway. I swear I'm a great teacher...I just can't read my own stuff well enough at times.

My fourth published book. Sounds like I should be out there doing book signings and all that, but to be honest the book publishing business isn't all that easy to break into. No, no it's not. I'm self published today, hoping that someone picks up one of my books and says "WOW...we need to be her publisher!" That would be nice. This book is so much different than the others - you're actually reading it now. I'll be gathering up 170 to 175 of my 405 blogs and forcing them to sit side by side in a real live book. I'm binding them together forever! Then, because I'm cool - I'll probably do it again in a few months with another 175, then another, then another. I'm sure that by this time next year I'll have 4 more books out there, and maybe with any luck - someone will say "Wow...we need to be her publisher!" (see a pattern?)

Blog 1 will be the best I can find about my family, the Army, dogs, love, laughter, and maybe I'll throw in a blog or two about Gary just to shake his world up a little. The busy man needs something to peak his interest from time to time; nothing rowdy, just a little pinch. I do have some really nice fantasies, perhaps I'll wake one of them up from napping in my brain long enough to dress itself in veils of sweet romantic humor - - only to reverse the process with a pyrate's smile. I do well actually. If there is one thing I do it's pretend well on paper. (Oh, and I make some damn good looking kids! Yes, I do.)

So that's it. I have one week to compile 175 of my favorite blogs from the 405 that are sitting on the site today. Call it the first act of a very long and drawn out play of words - poetry will abound as well as laughter, giggles, weeping from the emotional heart pulling that occasionally hits the screen, and of course...there will be silly and stupid things I've done that make me who I am. I never blame someone else for my mistakes - Billy Joel says our mistakes are the only things we can truly call our own! I believe that. I also believe that a heart is never closer to breaking than when a fool realizes her folly a minute too late. I've done that.

Wish me luck; soon I'll be able to sit down and write out the 27 Opinions book. That will be a blast! I can't do it until I get rich enough not to have to look for money to pay the bills - so please be patient...these things take time. Good thing I'm a Christian huh, I have eternity! LOL

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