Wednesday, April 9, 2008


(Neither of these pictures are mine)

If perfection came in a cup - it would look like the sunshine face of a cappuccino! It would look like the vision I imagine when I climb out of bed and peer from my penthouse hotel/castle (image shown) and I would be sipping and smiling...just simply enjoying the life that God Himself has intended for me. Am I alone? Well, of course not. I can't roll over and call to the man since I wake up a good hour later than he does (dreaming again, the only ones I sleep with bark). He'll be out jogging I'm sure, probably picking up some flowers for me. Orchids are nice, but daisies are fine too honey, whatever you're in the mood for.

The day is bright, my cup is getting emptier and emptier with the foamy frothy edges of the sides of the cup filling in at the bottom - reminding me to start up the new machine again! I did say this was perfection, right? the laundry is done, the dishes aren't an issue. My mail has only good news, and the video outside my house with the note attached asking me to pay up or the master gets released...gets released! I sell whatever rights I need to, I make $10M and if Laura's singing in the shower experience is seen all over the world - so be it. Maybe she'll get an agent, we can CGI her body, do a little air-brushing here and there....not a problem.

Perfection would look something like this: Men and women in Iraq shaking hands with men and women in Israel. The sight of Old Glory being packed away in a suitcase coming home. The sound of silence in the Middle East would be overwhelmed by the sound of children playing outside - without fear. It would be girls holding hands with other girls, their best friends without being called names. It would look like the inside of a sunrise, where you can't quite tell if the hues are melting or bouncing. It would feel like the air behind the rain in my nostrils just before I suck up that last sip of my little sunshiny faced cappuccino...and oh, there he is, he is in my bed after all - he didn't go running, so if the flowers don't get bought today they don't get bought...I'll even postpone the 2nd cup for a while (grins).

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