Saturday, April 19, 2008

Broccoli Please

Apparently I am still fat. I am not in denial - I accept that fact. I guess I'm on the "I-Keep-Seeing-Myself-on-YouTube" diet. I have been working out, fighting the odds and really doing such a bang up job in the numbers of it all, but it's just not working. I complained about it to my svelte son today, who used the U.S. Army diet for 16 weeks and went from 6'3" 240 pounds to 5'11" and 190 pounds. I think it had something to do with regulations for driving a tank that he lost the height. I don't want to lose anything in terms of tallness - No, that would make the fatness fatter. I don't need that.

The solution that Reuben came up with was a 3 part diet. Chicken for protein, broccoli for fiber and rice to fill me up. Rice has too many carbs. I'll do 1/2 the rice and add a lot more beans. Beans fill you up and they have more fiber than the broccoli. I love broccoli. I could eat it solely, but you do actually need protein and a few carbs too when you're working out. After all - you have to have energy to burn off energy don't you. I'm thinking of going on the "I-Paid-the-Surgeon" diet to be honest with you. It's faster, less painful, and the results are usually good.

Today was a bike-riding day. I pumped it up to level 4, burned over 400 calories in 40 minutes. I wore 5 pound weights on each ankle, 3 pounds on each hand, and I did a little running, flying, dancing, waving thing with my arms for 20 of the 40. I dropped the weight to 2 pounds on the wrists and finished with a jogging, boxing sort of thing for the next 10, and after 30 minutes of arms flapping and moving around I dropped all the hand-weights and pushed the legs to level 5 for the last 10. I have to tell you - I'm doing the right things.

Water is important too you know. I wouldn't even recognize a Coke or a Dr. Pepper. I haven't seen one in over a year. I don't eat fatty foods. I don't go to greasy spoons, and I only every once in a while eat reduced fat ice cream or something to shake up the metabolism. You can't starve yourself, you'll end up just spinning your wheels. I'm not exactly frustrated over the non-weight loss...I'm pissed. I'm actually mad about it. I'm about to ground my body until it produces the results I think I should have. What would that be like?

I'm doing what Reuben said. I'm working out in the morning with jumping jacks and running in place. I can't do the over-the-top impact things. I broke my neck (C5-C6) in 1992. I can't even really jump rope, but I can slowly do jumping jacks without too much impact. I just have to get that pulse going. Jeanie (bf) tells me my pulse is the problem. I've never had a fast pulse or higher blood pressure. I was 110/60 when I gave birth to my son! I remember the day my doctors couldn't find a pulse and asked me to stop holding my breath - I had stopped my pulse without much of a problem. So, if the pulse isn't raised for a while it makes it difficult to lose the weight. It's a cardio thing.

OK...a bout of 20-25 minutes of calisthenics in the morning, riding the bike in the afternoon, and every other day I do the ball while weight lifting. I eat the 3 foods over and over. I drink 80 ounces of water (I'll still do the high fiber intake of figs, prunes, pears, and Fiber One cereal). This better work! I can't join the Army, I'm too old; and I better not lose 4 inches in my height either. I'm hoping for a loss of 15-20 pounds over the next 6 weeks....or 40 pounds, I don't care. I really don't.

Next time I see myself on YouTube I want to say "Hey, where did that fat belly go?" That's the goal...that and the fact that I want to wear Laura's jeans! Hahaha


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