Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Only Acceptable Fur Coat

(Carol Guzy photos from the Washington Post April 2008)

If your fur coat is able to bark on its own, it can be worn. That's my opinion, and I hope you agree with me. Faith often takes a ride from me or from her manager Mike Maguire, who she can manipulate far easier than she can anyone else. Mike is just such a softy! I love the way Faith sits (like a rabbit). We actually taught her to sit like this because she had to get off her chest when she was little. My son Reuben was into sports, mainly football, and he'd stand in front of Faith and do his jumping jacks, bends, and push ups. She began to imitate him from a sitting position and it helped to strengthen her legs and abdomen muscles. I'm so very jealous of my dog's 8-pack.

Maguire and I take turns helping Faith whenever she gets tired when we're on the road. Faith has had a number of good dog handlers in the past as well. She loves her Uncle Lenny ( be sure to buy everything from Leonard Slape!) and her Aunty Niki from Oklahoma City. I drug Niki to Vegas with me when we did the Spanish TV shoot. She was a great companion and assistant to us both. We teased Niki about being good enough to pour Faith's Evian water in the marble bowl - the Four Seasons Hotel went WAY over the top for us. The hospitality industry loves my dog! We thank you all.

Most of the time Faith is content to lay under the bed and watch life passing by - but when you say the magic words "Let's Go Faith", she is up and ready to roll. No matter where we go she's happy. She gets antsy when we arrive at the airport, but she's settled into her chair and comfortable the next minute. The flight is usually her chance to catch up on a sleep before she begins her inspirational journey - wherever that may be. She lights up the world when the plane lands too. Mostly quiet on the plane, people forget there's even a dog on board - but when the final bell rings, she's up out of her seat and gives a little "Let Me Off Now" bark! Every once in a while she's delayed for photographs from the crew - but we thank them. We fly American, and it's been a really good venture for both I think. We can show that we put "faith" and "Faith" in the carrier.

Faith does get tired on her back legs, but not in an airport! She's out running us all - hanging a left, then a right, she's the first to the baggage claim area and on her way to the show! She understands we'll be stopped a dozen times. She understands that she's suppose to lay down to be petted by everyone, and she understands that she's going to be able to manipulate at least one or the other of us to pick her up and carry her soon enough - - Mike rocks her like a baby. I've heard him singing in her ear! She loves her Mike. I hoist her over my shoulders and let her rest as long as she can before we go to our next destination. Yes, before you ask, she gets heavy! 27 pounds of dog on your shoulders can build character! LOL

Faith and I hope to visit as many as we can, and if you see her in the malls, Time Square, the DC memorials, or the hospitals - and she's on my shoulders, please don't think she's in any pain; that would be me. She's fine. She's accustomed to simply draping herself off to the front and just snoring away...when she can.

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