Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Good Friend Julian Troup Turns WISE Tomorrow!

Happy 80th Birthday to my new and good good friend Julian Troup of Los Angeles, California. Even though I don't have a picture of my buddy, and to be honest, I have never laid eyes on him - I know he is gorgeously wonderful in every way. He and I have become so close over the past month through e-mails, and we're about to become more involved with a project that should be both interesting to us, and entertaining to the world.

Julian comes from a time of yesteryear, revolution, and new beginnings. When he was born in 1928 women in this country had just be allowed to vote for only 8 years. He lived in Brooklyn, NY during the Great Depression, made it through school, and learned to drive about the time Hitler was taking over parts of Europe! He witnessed first hand the influx of immigrants of which I am sure his parents were very familiar - being raised in such a time would have opened up doors and endless opportunities for youth - - both good and vile.

To the California sun he moved, taking a beautiful woman as his wife. Helping Kathy to raise her children as his own, my friend became a father and best friend to three precious children who call him Dad. Though my learned knowledge of Julian is limited, and I dare not sure anything too intimate with the world - - suffice it to say that my heart and my joy has been full for having met him. I call him my friend, and I can't wait to put my two arms around his neck to kiss him and thank him for being so kind to both Faith and I.

Looking forward to learning from him - (I even got a salute from him today! Grins.) I sing with my soul a "Happy Birthday" to you. Happy Birthday Julian Troup!!

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