Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Early Show - Good Morning America

Well, it was a race and it looks like the Early Show has been scheduled for Friday morning April 4th, 2008. Good Morning America may still be on for Monday, April 7, and I hope they are. I need a publisher, and you just never know if that one really good publisher is watching ABC or CBS...wait, what about NBC? You guys can have me on Tuesday I suppose - I'm up for that.

When it comes to traveling here and there I'm not about to say no as long as we're both comfortable and Faith is being offered that omelet she likes so much on American Airlines. When we fly we usually fly first class because Faith is considered a celebrity, but we can fly economy I don't mind; Faith prefers the larger seat of course, but she can be accommodating. She did do something funny the other day - - we were on our way to Washington DC and upon boarding the plane Faith noted immediately that someone was sitting in her seat. We always sit in row 3 on the right side seats A & B. Row 3 is the first seat on an American S80 plane. Faith walked onto the plane and when she saw the man in her seat she stopped in her tracks. She first stared at him, then she turned her little confused face to Linda our Flight Attendant!

The Flight Attendant was just in stitches from the look on Faith's face. She told the man that he was in her normal seat, but that we were sitting on the other side of the plane this time. We were still in Row 3, but we were seated in seats E and F. There are no C and D on the S80. All throughout the flight from Dallas to Dulles Faith just stared at the man in her seat. He finally stopped looking over to see if she was looking over at him, but you can bet he's felt guilty about it all week long! Faith didn't seem to hold a grudge though, when the plane landed she "allowed" him to pet her behind the ears.

This Friday we'll be on CBS's the Early Show and I do hope I get the opportunity to ask the world (because the world will be watching) for a publisher! I have 2 books out there already, and a series of children's books that will not only star Faith as the central character, they will build esteem, work with powerful and encouraging messages, and hopefully inspire young readers to be compassionate, patient, and tolerant of others who may seem different than they are. Let's all hope!

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