Friday, August 29, 2008

Dreaming - Gates, Bridges, and Rivers

This is a good one! I was with a friend, I don't know who. We were walking and then we were driving, I was driving. We went to the 12th Street Bridge. I have no idea where that may be, but it was the 12th Street Bridge in my dream. It ended up being a bridge that was only accessible through gates, three gates to be exact. I'm still driving, and we passed one, went through it, and so forth (they were painted blue as was the bridge, and sort of like draw bridges that just lifted up). We made it to the bridge, but it was more like a balcony. Rather than crossing the river which was in front of me, I was overseeing it. The balcony came right to the edge. It wasn't on the best side of town, but I felt safe.

So, I looked it up. I came to the conclusion that gates or gateways are symbols of change and challenge in our lives. They represent the new and the unknown perhaps. They are also warnings as they don't always open up immediately, we may have to push it, we have the options at times. These gates, my gates, opened as I came to them as if by remote or magic. I drove my car with my friend onto the bridge, and as it was still a bridge when I arrived, the symbolic reasoning was similar to that of the gates. I was and I am crossing over into a new part of my life. I am about to reach prosperity, I am about to experience life from another point of view. I am about to be placed and living where I have not before - on the other side.

The balcony overlooking the river is important. I haven't quite gotten to the River of Life Changes just yet - it is JUST in front of me, and it will be up to me to dive in, jump over, swim, whatever it is that I must do. Right now I'm looking at it. I'm fine with jumping in. I felt safe even if the 12th Street Bridge (wherever that is) seemed cold because it as made of iron, it was painted brightly, and it was very much a part of my life's new beginning. The color blue in a dream represents fully the spiritual identity of your soul at the time. You have clarity of whatever it is you are seeking if you see it in blue. I was leaving the norm for me, and going to the new, it is up to me to make the decisions - and I have made them. I'm letting God take full charge of what I do, where I go, what I say, and who I am with.

This is going to be great!

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