Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dead Men Tell No Tales! PYRATE NIGHT!!

I just bought this flag!!

This one flies tonight!! Over the pool, over the charcoals! To be honest, we're not cooking meat tonight, but the smell of burning charcoals bring the men to the fence! Hahahaha...oh, but they can't come through the gates! Not if they want to leave standing. It is Pyrate Night! August! HOT SUMMER NIGHTS...and for tonight that means a PERFECT 7 of us. We're all celebrating, or blowing off a little heat for whatever reasons. (Craig can figure mine out) Niki's had to work several double shifts this week, Julie's never been to one of these all-girl parties, but she's looking forward to it, her husband's been a bit of a bother lately. Jeannie has a perfect husband, but even he has his days right? Well, tonight she has HER NIGHT!! We have Valorie, her twin sister Malorie, two dancing queens - look out stereo, we're rockin' the 80's, and just to round it out we're asking Kelly to come by with her portable stripper pole! You never know exactly what you'll see at that point - but you know what you'll hear! HOOTIE, YOAKAM, BOSTON, JOURNEY, CHEAP TRICK, FOREIGNER, TRAVIS TRITT - and of course a little DYLAN....of course, a little Dylan.

Captain Morgan reigns supreme tonight, Rum Runner cigars will be held tightly in our mouths as we attempt to hang upside down on the pole by our thighs...I'm actually getting better at this one. I can do it holding on with both hands but the rules require that we let go with one. It may take a while, a bruise or two may have to be incurred, but that's OK with me - badge of honor! No video - and no men - no, no, no, no men - not unless they WANT what we're thinking about - and that could a bit hazardous to any man's health - - even the sturdiest of detectives! NO, keep your distance sir! Let the women play! The flag speaks for itself.

Around 10 we'll stop drinking so we can swim a bit safer than ordinary pyrates. No swimsuits required really - lingerie is best...rum warms you up, and by midnight we can start to say good night as the ladies make excuses about Sunday and their men show up and honk their horns...not one of them brave enough to actually ring the bell or cross the salt line - we do have a salt line - and we know how to use it. LOL

I think I have just about enough time to run by Victoria's Secret and let her whisper in my ear! Forget the Olympics! Let the GAMES begin!

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