Friday, August 29, 2008

I Don't Write Often Enough About Laura

Laura, Laura Cakes, Laura Ashleigh, Laura Leigh, Lau-Lau, The Red Head, and Big Sister.

This is my little girl Laura, who apparently I don't write enough about. I have two very good reasons for this oversight: One, I'm pissed at her for not sending me the pictures of her when she recently went to the Japanese anime convention in Tulsa, where she painted herself blue to be the character Mystique, and secondly, I have Caity in front of me all the time! Laura moved away - we who love the Oklahoma University Sooners have a hard time admitting to the world that our offspring would lower themselves to move UP NORTH to the city where the OTHER team resides - therefore, we tend to not write about such wayward and strange children. However, this precious baby deserves a little more air time, and I am pleased to report on her for the sole purpose of letting the world know that she has once again decided to move in with me and leach off of me for many years to come.

Laura has been living in Still....Still....damnit....STILLWATER, Oklahoma for sometime. (The word doesn't come out easily for me, I apologize)She works for a grocery store in the Butcher's Block. It's funny because Caity and I are vegetarians, and I just know that Laura is up that way wielding her big knife and stabbing cows and pigs in order to ease any and all frustrations she may have that stem from being related to either of us. I know she's slicing and dicing the meat with vengence at times and a big smile spreading across her face. There's something else I know about her that perhaps she doesn't know that I know - but mother's have spies! Laura sings when she works! YES, she has been caught on tape by a good friend of mine who then podcasted the girl and sent her to me through bluetooth. I could make a Laura ringtone if I wanted to!

Laura sings in Japanese and in English. Sometimes because she can, or perhaps she forgets the Japanese word, she sings in Japlish - sort of like Spanglish, but with Japanese overtones and less Hispanic flavor. She gets caught holding a lamb's leg up as a microphone and has to grin it off - she can do that, she's good! You can hear her singing at her Showcase site: and you can tell her what you think of her.

The pressures of working and living away from home have caught up with my little tall girl - all 5'9" of her will be driving back to live with me soon. We're thinking of moving to California so that we can be closer to the people we need to be close to relating not only to my career, Faith's career, but also to Laura's singing and Caity's alternative modeling career - it seems like the little condo plan I had going on will be thwarted for a house now - and my once given freedom will be replaced with sisterly fighting, screaming, and possible curling-iron battles. I'm taking the blue girl if weapons are involved, the bratty white haired monster if it's simply verbal abuse with a little kicking thrown in. I can't forget to mention that Laura is an official Yellow Belt now - it only took four years for her to get around to giving up the White Belt. She's slow, I admit that, but she's thorough...Taurus 100%.

THERE..I have written about Laura..Leave me alone Jeannie!! (LOL)

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