Saturday, August 23, 2008

Simply Not That Cool - Yet

I guess I'm not cool yet. I don't have an IMDB account where people can look up my name and see all of my stage, screen, and writing credits. Oh well - time will fix that I'm sure. For now I'll have to be satisfied with being the person I am. Oh, but that's OK because I like me. I'd want to be my friend if I met me on the street, and I know I'd want to date me if I were some sort of a guy but I'm not, so I can't, and I won't. The truth is I don't date, so I probably would tell myself no anyway - which wouldn't make me cry if you think about it, since I was the one saying no. OK I'm must be bored today!

I have a Facebook account and I've been talking to a few people. I asked one guy a question about himself and he directed me to his IMDB account at I looked him up, there he is! He's a really cool actor, writer, director, producer, and to think that I didn't know that probably upset him a bit. I'm not a star-struck person so I don't keep up. I just now found out that Lindsay was getting married to Sam Ronson - doesn't make me smile, but it shows you how lame I am when it comes to Hollywood. I turned on the TV the other day and Showbiz Tonight was on. The first thing out of the woman's mouth (No, I don't know her name) was something about the controversies between this star and that star - my response was to switch the channel. I don't care if Jessica is bashing on Carrie or if Paris is dating someone's boyfriend. What I really care about is how I'm going to get my books into a real publisher, or if the books I ordered for a show are going to be delivered on time. But I guess there is a market out there for that stuff - or it wouldn't have it's own TV show!

Can you imagine the low rating on a show that was called "Everyone is Doing Just Fine"? They could show positive reactions and positive conversations between this actor and that one. That way a few people would watch to see the actor or actress walk around in new clothes and watering their plants or something. The show would focus on everyone getting along, helping each other out, driving each other home and talking about saving the environment and maybe throwing in a few laughable statements about their political views or things they wish they could support and change. Wow - I may be the only person I know that would watch that show! But I would watch it. I'd write in too and say "Let your actors wear old clothes! Let them be more real. Let them go without makeup and be like the rest of us?" I'd be sure to watch it if Starbucks was a sponsor.

Nope, I am just not that cool yet.

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