Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Brand New Goal - Gotta Love the Olympics!

This is the next big thing in Caity's life! (Maybe)

Reuben and I have decided (and we do that, we make all these life decisions for everyone we know and for whatever reason we think it's OK.) that Caity should focus on her NEXT four years. We're thinking she could be the next American to win the Gold in Air's how we got there:

A couple years ago we (family) took a trip to Seattle and visited the Ft. Lewis simulators for fun. I chose to sit it out, I wasn't into shooting people whether they were real or not. I understand the need to learn, I want to practice, but there was something about the simulator that freaked me out. It may have been the 3-D goggles, the sound, the smells, something - but the kids absolutely loved it. Well, there she was - Caity - shooting both with her left hand and her right hand. She is a natural left-handed person, but guns and everything else in the world (for the most part) are made for right-handed people. She was awesome. She was just taking the fun of it - her face was focused and she was a killing machine.

When the results came in after all the games they played over several hours, Caity was the one that came out on top! She flat out surpassed anyone's expectations. She wasn't even 16 at the time. Soldiers were staring at her - asking her if she was thinking about it or it just came naturally to be such an assassin...we know the answer - she's been pissed for years!

There's a joke about Oklahomans - it goes like this: You know you're from Oklahoma when the weatherman(woman) calls for a tornado and you go outside to watch it. That's Caity. She goes out to GREET it because that storm is so very much akin to what she is thinking, what she is breathing, what she is feeling - she's like a little twister; anything can be destroyed, but it does take the right elements to start the debris flying, she's not going to combust instantaneously - there's usually a bit of a build up - a warning - a reason to go out and watch!

So, Reuben and I decided that we're going to encourage Caity to embrace both her passions and her talents - she wants to shoot something - shoot something! She wants to be famous, be famous! She wants to be a stand out - STAND OUT - with a gun in your hand girl - as long as it's controlled and inside where she can be watched, monitored, guided, coached and held accountable! ON A TEAM! (She played volleyball once, she knows what a team is.)

That's right - 2012 in London! Caity! Caity! CAITY! I think it could work - what damage can she do with an air pistol? Don't ask....and don't give her any ideas either. She needs to realize there are limits - - I'm just not going to be the one to break that news to her. LOL....I've learned. Hey, I put in my 18 years!

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