Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Baby Bird

Poor little baby blue jay.

After yesterday's fruitless battle of going head to head with a person pretending to be someone she wasn't - wasting my time, and making me chase down sources she had spread rumors to, it was great to get out of the negative hole she dug for us and into the world of positive thinking again! I swear, every time I allow myself to fall like that I end up really damaging my psyche...I feel drained and worthless for hours - - so I prayed about it, meditated, and got right back in the world of good sense. Poo poo to her and her games. THEN, because He is soooo very great, God gave me something really cool to deal with today. A baby bird!

I found this little guy in my garden outside. He must have ran into it for cover or protection after he fell from somewhere. I think maybe he fell out of the tree or the porch up above me. He must have broken his leg. He has been sleeping now for a little over an hour and like I did when I had little babies in the house I am constantly getting up and checking on him to make sure he's breathing, make sure he's OK. I can't take him to the bird sanctuary until around 6:00 p.m. so I've got him for another 2 or 3 hours. I did call them to see when their bird lady would be back. She's out gathering up broken and hurt birds until 6:00 p.m. I'll meet her at the gates with this one and she'll take over from there. I love GOD! He just knows my heart. He knows exactly what I need to feel better - I am so happy to have stumbled out into the garden today to see this little guy.

Blue Jays are very common for Oklahoma. I don't know if they go all over the country or not, but they are the only bird that I know of (domestic) that you can't tell if they are male or female. The fact that I'm calling this one a boy is significant. My son always breaks his ankles - therefore, this bird is a boy. Had it broken it's wing it would have been a girl - for Laura. I'm calling this one Spunk. He's got it. The first thing I had to do is save him from the new little puppy who wasn't quite sure if he was suppose to help it or eat it. I didn't want him doing either! I have shown Rupert (dog) the bird a few times, he's sleeping and I don't wish to disturb him now - poor baby.

I didn't know how to treat him but knew it must be terribly hot for him in the garden. It's 104 degrees outside, maybe 85-90 in the shade of the Lambs Ear that we have in the garden, but still. He only had a couple of stone turtles to keep him company - I do love my little sweet and so loving. They weren't much help with catching the broken birdie who still tried to fly away. When I caught him I was sure he needed food and water. I called the vet who told me NOT to give him water from a dropper - their little nostrils are under their tongues...I could drown him. Oh, I am so glad I called. He said to put a little cat food in the water and let that soak. The bird would pick at it and get the water out. I know why the Jays attacked the cats on the porch! Makes perfect sense.

There you have it - I am in the best and most glorious mood again. My bio rhythms are doing just fine. Did you know you can find your free bio rhythms charts online and you can put your birthday and that of others into the charts and see if you're compatible. Sort of like finding out that Scorpios and Pisces are the best match - so I did birthday being November 22, stuff. Seems I'm destined to find someone born on .... none of your business! Have a beautiful day full of hope and love. Cherish life. It is abundant for those who seek it.

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