Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Have Neglected My Post

Baby Boy!

I have a very very good excuse for not having up to date posts. My son was home for 17 days and I had to take as much time as I could to love on him sufficiently. He was really in need of some good homemade food, he needed hugs, he needed rest, and above all he needed to be reminded how to get to Grandma's house. It never fails, this kid just doesn't remember from one week to the next which highway is the one that takes him to the best stew money cannot buy. He'll point at an overpass and say "Is that it?" and I'll turn to him and say "No son, we're on the highway that takes us to Grandma's house." To which he will nod and stay put.

If I had to guess I would say the Army has it's work cut out for it - - they have completed their mission in training this young one to kill, and kill without being caught. They have completed their mission in training him how to read radars, maps, contouring and even plotting - but please, I do hope no one asks him to actually drive from point A to point B without a good navigator. He's just not going to show up on time.

While he was here he did a few things that mothers really don't need to know about. He even told me all about them so I wouldn't be surprised should one of his sisters decide to tattle - and that begs the question as to how they would know. They didn't spend that much time with him really this last time. He traveled the entire state saying good bye to everyone. He showed up during the week(s) that the colleges start back up and therefore he was driving from Weatherford to Norman, from Norman to Edmond, and from Edmond to Still...Still...hell, it's hard for a Sooner fan to say where the location of the State school is - he went up North! That's how we say it here - They went up North to go to school. Why disgrace a friend or relative and actually tell anyone that someone you love enrolled in State? (LOL)

Baby Boy also got a new tattoo while he was here. He wanted to make it a family affair, but he couldn't get his sisters to go along with him. I was there! I said "Yes, as long as it's nothing bad you know." We were going to get a fighting griffin with 3 stars as it represents our family crest. Then we found out the stars were added in the 1950's and it lost a little appeal. We found out it could have been a lion rather than a griffin, the wires were crossed on that one as well - genealogy being what it is. Our name Stringfellow was actually Strong Fellow from the 12th Century, do we go with it, or do we go with the newer more modern and longer name? We opted out of the family tattoo and Reuben put what looks like a big target in the center of his back - that's always good when you're a soldier and you're going to the Middle East! It even has a LONE STAR in the middle of it - and that's always "good" too son! We're from Oklahoma - did you forget? No, he tells me it's Captain America's shield....oh, OK....I get it.

Well he's gone again. He'll see me in 7 or 8 months about 1/2 way through his tour of duty. Because I may be in California at the time he's informed me that WE ARE FROM OKLAHOMA and that when he comes home to visit he will come HOME to visit. Looks like I'll be needing a plane ticket and a rental car - someone has to drive the boy to Pop and Grandma's from the airport! He'd be in Kansas before he figured it out if I don't. Godspeed my little boy, Godspeed. (and THANK YOU for your service)

While he was here he did do a couple of cool things. He gave me a banner for my window to show my son is in the service. He also got me a couple of pins to put on my lapels, and he ate every pancake I made him even though he only wanted 2 at a time. He gained 3 pounds just for me.

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