Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Parsley - EAT IT

Not my rabbit!

Yes, yes, that's me - always trying to find something, some way to knock off these last few (OK 20) pounds. I see myself in pictures and I just get so frustrated. That's not me. I'm this size 8 person running around in a size 12 body and I have been for some time now. At least I'm not putting on the size 18 pants that I was in 2005 when I thought I was a size 8 body - you know, in my mind.

So, what to do about it right? Well, there's the obvious - diet correctly, exercise, drink the water, do the right things, give up the fats, and pray about it. I did that. That's how I got from the 205 pounds to the current 160 and that's how I went from the 18 to the 12 jeans. (Don't look at my belly, it's a false positive. What you see isn't really fat - it's skin, and that has to be dealt with when the culprit is completely depleted.)

I found something really cool by accident. Around the neighborhood, around the city actually, women have been experiencing a lot of urinary problems. We have no idea what could cause so many women in one city to have problems, but we are having them, so rather than run to the doctor and get on pills I wanted to see if there was anything homeopathic that could help - I'm going hippy in my old age - it's the reverse Baby Boom thing I guess. What I found was on my plate. Parsley. Turns out parsley has more vitamins A, C, and K than most any other foods. So much so that eating it can benefit a body in ways I had never imagined...including, wait for it...weight loss!! YES, that stubborn last 10...OK, OK, 20 pounds is being combated now with parsley. I will say that NO I'm not mixing it in what is commonly known as Parsley Tea, which is a blend of my own morning urine, hot steamed water, and parsley, I'm just eating the raw vegetation.

Parsley is favored by many cultures as a means to clear up prostate problems, kidney problems, urinary tracts, and even revive one's sex drive - which makes sense if it's helping out the same body-area that hosts the sexual organs yes? Of course yes! So, even though I don't have a prostate, and I'm not a man, I can at least look forward to a healthy body when and where that event ever takes place again - and if I have a piece of green parsley in my teeth - he'll just have to ignore it and smile with me right? Right!

I guess since I'm not a nutritionist and I'm not a medical doctor I shouldn't rattle off all the good benefits of eating clumps and clumps of parsley to you, but you can look it up for yourself like I did. Here's some really good news - parsley is really cheap and it cuts easily, cleans easily, stores in the frig for a very long time, and it's right there! You can just be the rabbit you always wanted to be and just - hey, I just thought of something - rabbits eat a lot of parsley! You know that old saying about sex and rabbits - there you go! They eat carrots to keep their eyes clear so they can find their mate, and they eat parsley to ... make them smile! Besides the little guy from Monty Python, I've never encountered an unhappy bunny.

Oh, and parsley has fiber, so eat it for that too!

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