Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Eye of God


What is so freakin' cool about this shot is that it is real. It is a real photo of a real event taking place in space and it really does resemble an eyeball looking right out of the Heavens onto those of us on this Earth. If I had to be really philosophical about it I would say we needed it. I would say that God's eye is not really blue, it's not really round with an iris and pupil, it probably has a new shape that we can't even describe, but then again, we were created in His image - maybe He does have actual eyeballs. But what I find to be really really cool is that He decided to show us something in space that resembles Him looking at us so we can have that much more peace about the fact that He does actually watch over us. He really is there, and whether we understand it, want it, accept it or believe it, He is there loving us!

I was playing with my dogs today outside in the absolutely beautiful day that God created and I thought out loud "Wow! You are there! You do care!" It dawned on me that God made us to enjoy Him and His work. I don't understand one thing about biology, I don't get it, I can't call out more than the obvious pieces of our body, and yet I made 3 people. (I didn't do it alone, but I was involved) I bought a dog, I found a dog, and I adopted a dog - I have three very different biological creatures that for whatever reason have decided to sit by me, love me, care for me, protect me, give to me, take from me, and just be with me. They enjoy me. I guess if I were cynical I could say we were like dogs to God, but that would be a good thing. It would not be an insult, it would be a blessing to both me and to God. I truly enjoy, love, and cherish my furries and so does God.

The eye ball helps me. It just makes me feel like if I could get in a rocket ship and go up to it I could see it wink! It would move around Space while the mouth, so very far away we can't see it, laughs at me for being arrogant enough to fly up to the eye ball in the first place! I just love God. He's so tremendously incredibly powerful, and He created me....That's HUGE. Oh, and just in case you're wondering why I called God a HE...and not a SHE...get this, and it is simply MY OPINION, but God can't be a woman because a woman would NEVER let her only son go to the cross for morons like me. It just wouldn't happen. I know I wouldn't let my son go. I'd be dragging him back by his ankles and screaming NNNNNOOOOOO! I would be beating off the guards, zapping everyone, putting curses and plagues on any and everyone trying to take my son! HELLLLLL no, God is masculine for sure....and blue eyed apparently...but I don't believe that, it must be the way the light hits it.

I love you God!

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