Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It Got A Great Deal Worse

Next Tuesday, after I clear up a very serious but strange matter, I will explain my point of view just a bit better. Suffice it to say that there was strife and misunderstandings happening to me this past week involving not only the law, but my bank account which in this case happened to be an innocent by-stander.

Because I'm such a proponent for positive thinking, going so far as to try to live by the Law of Attraction as often as I can - - this was certainly a challenge. Oh, don't get me wrong, I could handle the police issue, it was a misunderstanding between insurance companies: I picked up one, dropped another, and somehow the government wasn't informed....I can prove all that. I can even handle the fact that my bank account was emptied by teenagers, I asked for an investigation, and then they did it again - I can do that!! I can so handle that...but what I cannot handle is the fact that when the same little girl stole the money out of my wallet I didn't have enough money to buy coffee. Seriously! I did not have coffee in my house, I was planning on stopping by Starbucks before I go to the grocery store so I could buy more, but NO - not happening - money gone - NO COFFEE!!!

Immediately I felt my face fall. I felt the need to repeat a few affirmations, but I couldn't think of one. I couldn't think of one single good thing to think of so I could put my mind at ease, bring peace back to me, and that led me to make one of the silliest moves I've made in a very very long time. I took a demi cup to the office manager where I live and I asked her for .... Folgers. Yes, she had the stuff, she had a bunch of it, she had it by the pounds over pounds, but it was all 100% NON-Starbucks. It looked different, it smelled different, and you know as well as I know, it didn't taste like my Verona, my Italian, or even my House Blend Starbucks. I really did think long and hard about it - I knew the bank was going to clear everything up before the close of day. I knew I could go out and get myself a free cup of java at "the club" as I call my personal favorite Starbucks...I could beg, but I took the high road - I humbled myself. I drank the Folgers.

Now, I'm not a drinker really - I have a little wine. I used to have a few bottles of vodka, tequila, and even a nice bottle of Captain Morgan's Private Stock, but the same teen that took my money cleared that cabinet out as well - seems she doesn't know what Ouzo is, or perhaps she does, but doesn't see herself widening her horizons. I only mention that I'm not a drinker so I can explain why I chose Baileys over coffee creamer - it was FOLGERS!! The really good thing is, since the liquor is gone I don't feel the need to replace it. I got it for the next Pyrate Nyte, and with the things that have bee happening with me this week - there will be a gooooood Pyrate Nyte this weekend! THIS VERY don't go without Starbucks for more than 24 hours and not smoke 2 or 3 cigars and dance on a pole! You just have to get that aggravation out somehow - positively. LOL

My friends are so cool. They sat by me and held my hand while I sipped on the brew that was so lovingly and wonderfully given to me by my beautiful and gifted office manager - I have good friends - but they don't have the same addiction as I do. They don't care if they run out of Starbucks because they don't buy Starbucks. NIKI BAUER buys instant coffee! THERE, I told the world Niki! I told the world! Jeannie doesn't drink coffee - these are my two best friends...I have sisters and brothers of the addiction who would, if I knew their names, come by and take care of me I know they would. I really thought about begging my sweet boyish-faced Barista, I did, but the fact is, I need to toughen up. I need to practice this event because it could, God forbid, happen again!

When I have my papers in my hands from the police stating that I'm in the clear, when I get my bank account back on track, and have the peace of knowing that these little teenagers will never be inside my house again - - my precious Starbucks will be stocked up! I will buy a freezer to store it if I have to! LOL

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