Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jamacian Blue Mountain Coffee, Thanks!

You know me. You know I have an addiction to a couple of things, one will go unspoken, the other is Starbucks coffee. I have been for years, one of the most dedicated and volunatarily devoted addicts of the brown serum in the white ornamental cup. I have been asked to drink other coffees, I have been given other brands for gifts. I usually end up regifting at that point - one very very inconsiderate friend of mine, because she's mean, vicious,and uncaring, gave me a gift certificate for Seattles Best online. Please! She was really only wanting the coffee for herself, knowing full well that I would refuse her token and smile with that pyrate smile I give to people when we both know they've been trying to dupe me.

However, and this is big, I was blessed and amazed to receive a cup of truly incredible coffee - that wasn't from Starbucks. It was from a company that I won't credit, as I have been too loyal to the mermaid to do that; but it was soooo good, and soooo smooth, that I literally drank four cups of coffee this morning without a twinge of guilt. If I were Catholic I wouldn't have felt badly, that's how great this coffee is. What now? What will I do? It's what I did already that counts. I immediately, upon setting the cup down and forcing myself to walk away from the empty pot still blowing steam at me - and I ordered two pounds of the beans on Ebay. I know, I could have gone to the actual site, but they charge too much. If you go online and login to Ebay you have a great chance that someone out there selling this stuff either misspelled Jamacian, or they don't realize the market value. I got my two pound bag for $16.00 + shipping. I am awaiting Heaven to descend.

So....will I ever be able to look the watered princess in the eyes while she swims around my cup and calls to me in her steamy siren voice - yes. I will. Not today. I have another three or four pots left from the beans my friend gave me. I love this guy - he's the coffee pimp. I need a coffee pimp - I've been going it on my own for too long. Communing with like-characters is good for me. I find myself digging into the great and wonderous brains of people who have either complained as I have, praised as I have, believed as I have, or desire as I do. This can't be perfect, but it is working out for me. If I thought I was confident before, look out!

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