Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Britney Spears' Comeback on the VMAs

OK - I'll talk about it. I wasn't even going to watch the VMA's until I heard that Britney was going to be opening the show with a great new song and a comeback video. WHAT? MTV is actually going to do videos again? That was my first reaction. I'm an old-MTV fan, back in the day with Mark Goodman and Quinn...anyone remember? Videos? VJs....remember? Anyway, so there I was on the couch drinking aloe vera juice and lemon, because that's the drink of the day now - - and the clock struck 8:00 p.m. Central Standard Time: Britney Time.

I looked. I watched. I thought it over. I realized she was live. She was actually dancing while I was watching. She was probably the most nervous person on the face of the planet, and there is NO WAY I would have had the strength, the guts, the talent, or the moxy to pull off what she attempted to pull off. She achieved a helluva lot more than most people gave her credit for in the tabloids, on the gossip shows, or on the internet - she proved to herself that she could do something that perhaps she thought she couldn't do again. She performed live in front of millions and millions of people - after having been away from the industry, after having been made fun of for a very long time, after having gone through a divorce, battles, painful relationships, custody issues - and you know what - she dealt with body issues, rehearsals, practices, and yes - she dealt with her demons too. Britney pulled it off.

Now, she may not have performed at the top of her game. She may not have even satisfied the hungry wolves who sat out there looking for blood - waiting for her to fail, just like they did when Paris and Nicole went to jail. She danced. She messed up on the lip-syncing - so would you, so would I! But DAMN IT, Britney danced! I hope she did it more for herself than for the money. I hope she did it more for herself than for the celebrity. I hope she found a thread of happiness among the feeble fabric of what passed as friendships - because so many of the worst critics Sunday night claimed to be her friends. I would have probably chosen a better costume. I would have chosen a better method of coming back - perhaps something in the middle of the show rather than the first thing - but I don't have millions of sales to my name, and my name isn't Britney now is it?

Everyone matures. Everyone grows. Everyone changes - one thing remains - heart. Girl's got it. Leave her alone. Oh, and if you're looking for a way to find a way to leave her alone, you try standing where she stood. If she has ONE fan - (albeit a fan that would sit her down and talk straight into her face about the behavior) it would be me. Hats off to you B!

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