Friday, September 14, 2007

I Have the STRANGEST Children

Laura comes up to me and thrusts a camera at me, she says "Hey, come outside and take my picture, I'm going to post it on an anime site." Then she told me what site, and what character she is suppose to be. OK. I can do that. I go out and take a few strangely unusual shots before asking more questions that I really couldn't begin to understand the answers to. They all had something to do with shows I had never heard of, but apparently are rather popular.

So, the next day, not even 24 hours after she's posing in the rain like this - she and Caity are duct taping their breasts and butts so they can dress as boys and hit the mall trying to pick up their own female friends to see if they get recognized. I don't actually think it would work - they can't change their appearance really any more than they can change their voices to match those of 17 and 18 year old young men whose change has already taken place; that's not the point they tell me, I'm just suppose to be the cameraman...woman...whatever.

After they fail at their adventure they managed to undress themselves to reveal tape recorders and then they listened to their antics and the screaming from their friends who knew who they were and just went along with it for fun. When did being so weird get popular? Anyway, the next day or so, maybe a few days later, Laura decides to put 3 foot extensions in her hair and do the naked lady on the horse shot, but she can't get completely naked like Caity, who doesn't need a reason or a disguise to do it - Laura just ran around the house blushing every which way, and then gave up the project for an ice cream eating contest with her tiny little sister who eats (sometimes) as much as her BIG brother on a weekend. Laura lost - Caity's face was covered in ice cream from diving into it in order to win, the girl will not be beat at any competition even if she has no interest in the competition itself, she won't be beat.

Finally, one last thought on the girls before I leave you to pray for my sanity. I caught them both dancing and pretending to be rappers in the bathroom with the boombox blaring, their oversized clothes flopping around and then I heard one of them falling to the ground shrieking in laughter - she'd lost her footing while two-stepping, which by the way isn't a country-western step anylonger, it's a grunge thing - and she toppled over onto the door - neighbors were concerned. All was well, the dynamic duo have decided to give it a rest for a little bit, not knowing exactly what they're going as for the seven (7) different Halloween parties they've been invited to, but they do know what they're dressing up as for the one they are hosting. My little girls are actually going as each other. Laura as Caity, and Caity as Laura - see who can out insult the other!

Thank GOD for little boys. My son is dressing up as a Private First Class Soldier in the United States Army this year. Last year he went as a regular Private. Congrats my darling! You wear it well.

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