Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What If The Rapture Came Today

OK, so this isn't a real picture of the REAL Jesus, but you get what I'm getting at.

What if. What if the Rapture (what some call the 2nd Coming, but those of us who were brought up believing in two separate events refer to this as the Rapture, and the other as the return of Christ to the Earth) did happen today? It's the Jewish holiday today - the one Christ hasn't completely fulfilled according to the beliefs of those I studied - Protestant that I am; sword-drilling, Bible-thumping Baptists from yesteryear. Today I'm far less harmful, and more open-minded about YOUR beliefs and I stick to my own without thrusting them down your throat. WHAT? You say I'm thrusting them now? Please, this is my blog - get your own.

Anyway - what if God decided to send Jesus back right now! Well, if it were right now this blog wouldn't even be posted. It's going to happen in the blink of an eye, and I'm good, but not that good. I would be caught up though. I would be in Heaven, and I would be joined by any and all born-again Christians, and Christians of the old days, and those who were dead before the Rapture who were Christian. If you're reading this and you said to yourself "Wow, so only the Christians go to Heaven in her religion? What kind of God is that?" There's an answer - He's an all-inclusive God that chose to send His Son to be anyone's Savior - anyone - anyone at all - the fact is, after you decide to accept Him you are a Christian because He is Christ. I suppose if he was called something other than Christ we would be called something other than Christians....makes more sense when you put it that way doesn't it?

So, what about the OTHERS? I can't get into it without thrusting my religion on you - suffice it to say my creditors may or may not be caught up. They may keep calling me - I wouldn't answer, but they may or may not figure it out if they had friends or relatives who said "You know, all the babies are gone - there are no more little children in the entire world - what do you make of that? Strange, yes?" I wouldn't be doing any more speaking engagements with Faith, but I'm not bold enough to say that the animals will be caught up - I think they'll have to stay here - that's the sad part - well, that and the fact that all those who aren't Christians will be staying here too - - my heart leans a bit toward the animals sorrow though because they don't have the abilities to make decisions about Heaven and Hell and we do. I don't know about the animals, wouldn't it REALLY be a strange world without the animals and without the children too?

Not one single kid would be left on this Earth...not even the kids that were just born or maybe even those in their mothers...I don't know enough to answer that, and I don't know enough to have an opinion...I just flat out don't know. I do know I am not pregnant and don't have to worry about it. Millions of millions would be gone around the world in every country. Planes would fall from the sky because some of the pilots would be gone - trains would wreck, certainly cars would wreck. Hospitals would be crammed, but some doctors, some nurses, some staff would be gone - the nursery would be empty and the children's wards too - wow.

I'd miss out on the possibility of winning a $200,000,000 lottery tonight - but something tells me I wouldn't care. I wouldn't get to go to Chicago tomorrow, but I'd be in a really jazzy place instead. I wouldn't get to go to Hollywood later, but I'd see a lot of lights and the one LIGHT - wow. Didn't I already say "Wow?" WOW...well, Jesus did decide to come back today I'd be really really super major happy....and finally, finally I could hug my Grandpa Edwards again, and get a little fishing in before we had to go see everyone else. He's a pretty popular guy in our family, but he told me where he'd be so I could find him first! LOL

It would be nice. Oh, the Feast of the Trumpets thing - well, you know the Rapture will be foretold by the Angels blowing trumpets. I think it's suppose to be in Heaven because the event literally takes less than the blink of an eye down here. There are other feasts, 6 I think, in the Bible, the Torah, and maybe even other Sacred Texts, I'm not sure - but Christ did something, performed a miracle at each - the only one He hasn't done yet - is the Trumpets....and well, that's today! How does that saying go in Revelations? "Even so Lord, come quickly!" WOW.

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