Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bradford & McCoy! October 11, 2008

You really couldn't find two better Quarterbacks if you searched High and Low for them. Brent Musberger was right, we have the best QBs in the nation!

Sam Bradford looked and performed witout a flaw - except that one interception, but if you ask me, and no one ever does; that one interception shouldn't count if the officials are going to take away OUR interception in the end-zone. OK, enough bitching, we got beat. OH, but if we're going to be beaten by anyone it should always be TEXAS. They bring their game every single time. I love that about this game. I love that about the Red River Rivalry - they always play well, they always bring their best, and it's usually a lot closer than the end score shows, no matter who or which team comes out a winner.

Mack Brown (Head Coach for Texas) got his start under legendary Barry Switzer at Oklahoma - so yeah, he's going to be taking some of that Oklahoma football training over the line. Oklahoma's roster reads like a Texas phone book - so we have their boys up in our corner and they have our playbook down in theirs. It's always a masterful game, always a great show, and I'm just saying (and biting my tongue) that the damn refs should have been spotted wearing Orange before they covered up their loyalties with stripes. You can't call off-sides a dozen times on OU and not see the Longhorns steppin' up? I'm all for a good call - set us back 10 that's fine, but do it to both teams when it's necessary that's all I'm asking. I'm asking also to stop thinking a love tap is a tackle, and stop thinking a fair catch in the other guy's endzone is a mishap! That's all.

Texas beat us - damn. I hate to say it, I hate to admit it, but Bill McFarlin's Longhorns stuck it to the Sooners....I think I'll have a rematch! What do you say Sam Bradford? You want another go at it next year? How about you Mr. Stoops? You up for that because I think Mack would be. I think Mack is all about the re-game. He's a great man, he's a fair man. Those orange, Bevo-loving, rude, loud-mouthed Texans wouldn't mind hosting another shoot out - I know they wouldn't - - they'd welcome it. We'd bring our own loud-mouthed, rude, Crimson, Boomer-Sooner down there and do it again and again. Hey BCS I have a plan? Why can't we just keep playing Texas over and over again and see how many games out of 12 we win - then you can match us up for the play offs! Texas wouldn't care! (Can you imagine the money flowing back and forth over that Red River?) LOL

Hey Sooners! You played better than they did, and you know it. Longhorns, Damn, you won and you brought it full force - thank you! Officials - go to hell. Let's get the calls right and let's let the boys play a fair game next time. They ALL deserve that. I'm not saying we wouldn't still be on the losing end, we may be, but we'd know it was TEXAS that beat us and not the zebras. Boomer Sooner!

OK OK OK...I owe an apology to Matthew McConaughey! Go Horns! There, I said it. Actually, I do hope the Horns beat the OSU Pokes when they play because I couldn't stand to hear those bragging rights coming out of Stillwater! (I'm so mean) LOL

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