Thursday, October 16, 2008

KWTV-CBS Channel 9 Oklahoma City, OK

I was interviewed today by a beautiful new reporter Audrey Eagle of Channel 9, and photographed or filmed by the veteran Channel 9 cameraman Darren Brown. Turns out Brown knows my bestest best friend's husband - worked together at 9, and he calls him "Puddin'" so I'll have to be sure and do that next time I see Darren Clarke! How fun will that be? I need to do it AFTER he gives me my OU tickets for next week's game for sure. (What am I saying, Jeanie can get those tickets out of Darren even if I call him "Puddin'"...c'mon!)

The interview went very well if you asked me - but of course I haven't seen the edited version - Darren Brown will probably want to beef-up the segment where I'm playing with Faith on the floor - showing off her snarling giant teeth in slow-motion to get the best effect for Halloween! We were outside walking and running around. She sat up pretty for everyone and barked at passersby - we were inside playing on the ground and of course sitting (on Robin Jone's couch) talking to Audrey about the facts surrounding the story of my family and I finding, raising, training, and speaking with Faith. Most of the questions Audrey asked were standard and they were boundary questions that you and I would call frequently asked questions. Other questions were welcomed by me because it gave me the opportunity to talk about how Freeman Collision in OKC helped me out when I needed it. I was able to say that Todd Freeman felt that our work was important and he wanted to be there to help our cause - he's currently working on my little Ford Focus Steve. Steve was in a big-bad-bang a few weeks back.

I really enjoyed this particular interview because it gave me the chance to talk a bit about my kids, their career paths, their lives, and what we're planning to do in the future - the Faith the Dog Foundation was talked about, and we talked about our movie hopes with asking Sherwood Baptist to do a feature length film about Faith and her story. I just hope that the airing of the segment is powerful and positive, that it brings local awareness of Faith being here and doing things, and I want local work! I really do want to do shows and gigs for the Oklahomans in my life too. We hardly get that chance now, and this would certainly help us do that.

Thanks to KWTV-Channel 9, thanks to Audrey for having the insight to call me after her mother sent her the viral e-mail about Faith. Thanks also to Darren "Downtown Brown" for your great filming - now do what I say man, show off those fierce K-9 fangs for the Halloween specials coming up! I should have faked Faith biting my arm off or something - she loves to play and makes a lot of great scary noises...but we always end our sessions with a lot of hugs and kisses. She is my dog you know, and she loves me as much as I love her! Big Big heart that girl has!

Thanks CBS too! We love you guys.

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