Monday, October 13, 2008

Lindsay / Laura What's the Difference?

It doesn't happen as much as it used to, but when we go to NYC and Laura picks up a pair of shades for the fun of it, twisting her hair up inside of a hat, she gets stopped on the streets and asked for her autograph. She's always there to give it, but she's quick to say "Now, do you want MY autograph, because I think Lindsay would prefer that." Sometimes the person is apologetic and walks off, but more than not they ask Laura what she does - and she tells them she sings. She also tells them the other differences between she and the gorgeous Ms. Lohan - Laura says "I'm much taller than Lindsay, but I don't have boobs." Once that's been confirmed they all have a great laugh and usually Laura has a few new friends on MySpace for life.

There is now apparently another big difference between Lindsay and Laura - Laura won't shop at gas stations. She likes grocery stores. She's into that whole "I have 20 aisles to choose from" thing whereas it is quite apparent that Lohan knows what she wants, gets right in and out of the store, and carries out her stuff without killing another tree for a sack. I've been trying so hard not to kill trees! I have about a dozen of the bags you take in to carry your food home - but I constantly forget them. I end up killing polyurethanes instead - and I remedy it by using them as poop picker uppers and claim to be that much better than I really am. But it's not about me, it's about Lindsay and Laura now, isn't it?

Today my daughter called me from her new hometown of Stillwater, OK to tell me that she was "caught" buying food in a grocery store - a man took her picture doing it, and he almost ran away - he went to the other aisle over. Her curiosity got to her and she followed him. He was changing out his lens - she approached him and tapped him on the back. She asked him if she needed to sign a release form or if he was just randomly snapping pictures of women buying Doritos. She was a full 3" taller than this guy so he said "Oh, you know what, you're not who I thought you were, and I was thinking it was rather strange for Lind...well, never mind." Laura laughed and said "Go ahead, say it, I get it all the time when I'm in L.A. or NYC, but hey, this is a first for me..OKLAHOMA." He smiled that strange and awkward smile they all do and said "Well, you're nice and she would have never has asked me for a release form." Laura said "Well, if people left her alone she'd be more apt to be nice to them."

Laura told the guy to keep the picture though. She told him she was a singer, and she was about to record her first CD for real. If he was smart he'd use the photo in the future and say he was there in the grocery store BEFORE she was famous to prove she had a habit of eating Doritos and drinking Red Bull! I guess all beautiful women in the entertainment business can't sustain on celery - at least Lindsay and my little Laura Cakes have that too in common. Caity would have been caught buying the celery.

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