Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hanging Out With Anthony Tortoriello!

Faith LOVES this guy!

Most of the time Faith is polite to men, but sometimes she barks at them. Not with Anthony Tortoriello! Oh, she was melting all over him like butter and she wasn't even embarrassed about it. He couldn't get out of her site, it was amazing. She treats her agent Mike Maguire the same way, but this was love at first sight. She and "Tort" (I call him Tort because I'm really cool like that) made eye-contact and it was over. He took about 2000 pictures of her, some of which he's shared with us, and let me tell you - he's awesome. Now, of course he's a professional, and has the big huge lenses to prove it, but c'mon there are good photographers and then there are GREAT photographers - those with a special feel, or the "eye" for the art! He's really really good. I'll show you later after he sends me a few and gives me permission to plaster his work all over the internet.

We first met at the Crowne Plaza where we had agreed to meet. He emailed me a few weeks ago asking if he could hang out with us - I said yes because I could see on his website that he was awesome. (atortphotography.com) I have several of his photos on my iPod now, and can't wait to add more that he gives me permission to take! You'll fall in love, I know you will. We went downtown because you have to go downtown when you're in Chicago. We took Faith to the canal, to the Tribune, to her 519th Starbucks on Michigan Ave. We took her to Millennium Park, to the Bean, to the open air concert hall, we met cops, we met people, we ate. We took her to several cross-walks and Tort took some of the best action shots of people being shocked and amazed at Faith walking. I wish we could have had more time, and I wish we could have had a few more dog treats with us...she got a little tired after a while doing the same things. You just can't explain modeling and run-way walking to a dog. They don't get it. Treats help.

We hung out for days with thousands of people at the H.H. Backer Pet Trade Show in Chicago's Stephens Center (Rosemont). In the Center were 4000 trade booths, 8000 workers, 12,000 visitors, and 5 of the exhibitors were from the Greatest American Dog Show (CBS-TV). We hung out with Bill McFarlin and his Star! J.D. and Galaxy were there, Beth Joy and Bella Starlet too. We also hung out with Teresa and Leroy, who by the way has brown on his face - something Anthony was able to pick up on, and Laura was there with Preston! Oh, they were so nice. You met them on the show, but they were just perfect in person. Every one of them sweet and not the least bit touched by celebrity. I have to be honest - Anthony was such a gentlemen to them. He took pictures for free, he gave them shots, he even arranged for Bill's dog Star to get a birthday cake from Shaun and Laura at the Barrington Dog Bakery! It was so sweet of him. That's the type of guy you want working with you.

Anyway, Anthony was soooooo good to Faith, and sooooo fantastic! I want you to take a little time and go to his website and just stare and gawk at his work. Then, after you stare and gawk, I want you to hire him!! He's so easy to work with. He listens so intently, he has a really good vibration around him and I know you're going to be flat out stunned by the results. He's in the Chicago area, all of his contact information is on the website. PLEASE PLEASE, get to know Tort. Again, that website is: atortphotography.com and you will certainly fall in love. (Oh, and he's single ladies, so go ahead and really fall in love!) LOL

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