Tuesday, October 7, 2008

H.H. Backer Christmas Trade Show 2008! SUCCESS

H.H. Backer in Chicago 2008!

WOW...this was a fun show. I messed up my performance big time on Friday, but it wasn't completely my fault - Faith and her new friend Anthony were cutting up behind me, and she wouldn't stop barking. I lost concentration and therefore had to try to gather the thoughts that were floating through my brain at a million miles a minute. You can't take in all the stuff that goes on at one of these shows easily! With 4000 trade booths, nearly 10,000 people working the booths, and then another 10,000 or so visitors every day of the show - you get a bit overwhelmed, but it's wonderful. This being the Christmas show there were hundreds of booths dedicated to the spirit of the season and everyone was thrilled to see the new toys, clothing lines, jewelry, and so much more. A few that deserve a little mention would be Pamela Meltzer's Puppy Paws as well as Andrea Levine's booth which is actually called Andrea Levine. These ladies became friends at last year's show, and they are in friendly rivalry now. They're both terrific.

I wanted to give a few shout outs to a couple (three) groups that we worked with, worked next to, and will be working with in the future....all deserved their own blog really, but this way I don't have to go on and on about Hyperflite and make the boys blush because I think they're so cool. You know you have a great job when you can run around in shorts all day and play with dogs! (Besides, I think Peter's cute, and I didn't want to let on you know, this way I can say what I want to say and he'll never know right? LOL.) The trainers in the picture with Peter (wearing black) are Jeff Stanaway and Frank (I don't know his last name yet) and I wanted Greg Perry in the picture, but he wasn't available.

They were so great with the 5 dogs, all agility dogs, that they brought. I'm not sure about their outstanding recorded stats in the world of disc dogging, but every last trainer and dog deserved multiple rounds of applause...they were great! Every twist, every turn, every spin, CAUGHT....OK, most of them were, and the show was really high-flying and great fun for the audiences. They performed just before Faith and I, and Peter handed the mic to me with great finesse!

You can YouTube Hyperflite and check out their sites: www.skyhoundz.com and www.hyperflite.com to see more dogs and more videos and get all the books written not only about training such dogs, but understanding the unstoppable, fun for the family shows! (How was that? Good?) LOL

LIZ!!!! I love Liz!!! She's with her husband Bill in this picture and they love my dog Faith! Liz is a sales rep for Eagle Pack foods and we're hoping to do a great future endorsement with either Eagle Pack, or the parent company that owns Eagle Pack and Wellness Foods. They're both fantastic people-oriented, dog-oriented groups with a lot of heart and a lot of love for their products.

Liz was next to me last year at the H.H. Backer in Chicago, and she was upset when the Gibson's Steakhouse across the street kicked Faith and I out because Faith was causing a distraction...she does that. Liz called their manager and told her off, and I appreciated that. (Bill says she's a spitfire.) LOOK at her...she looks like a teenager!!! She got to babysit Faith for me and she was thrilled to do it. People asked her questions, she was answering them like a pro, and I thought about taking a little nap and just letting her do the whole show thing! She's awesome. THANKS LIZ!!! (Happy 10th Anniversary!!)

Thom, Cindy, Parker and Cheerio!!! (They have another kid too, but the cute-factor would have been off the charts if he had joined them this weekend.) Thom started www.pettech.net by himself I believe, and Cindy and Parker are his two best employees. He has several Pet First Aid Instructors now, and they all go around the country teaching the basics and the intricate knowledge behind caring for your pet if they should need medical attention. He has books and videos about his work, and he is passionate about reaching everyone he can.

Dogs are often taken for granted when it comes to their immediate needs. We're not always on top of things such as how to give a dog emergency CPR and heart massage...Thom's Pet Tech, Inc. is there to show us, and I learned so much more this year than I did last year - we'll definitely try to get placed next to them again. Parker helped me with my shows - showing people how to pee like a two-legged dog, how to get up from a lying position if you're a two-legged dog, and he let me babysit Cheerio!! I got a million kisses all for me.

Well listen, these were the best three days and I loved it. With all the Greatest American Dogs to hang out with, and my great new friend Anthony Tortoriello the photographer, Barrington Dog Bakery feeding me (I mean Faith) snacks, and all the free treats from Merrick products and others - we were STUFFED...but loving it. Thanks again to those that loved us through the whole event. Can't wait to see you next time...I did miss Ryan and Brian from Annie's Pooch Pops. I hope they can make it next time.

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