Sunday, October 12, 2008

Effects of Dark Wine

Cause and Effects 101: The effect can't happen without a cause, a purpose, things that move in the mind or the night right? First you have a situation; lets say for sake of the argument that the situation is a Big 12 loss to Texas in Division 1 Football - that's a good situation to bring up the the cause, which would be drinking wine - dark wine. Well, if you do this correctly, drinking dark wine that is, you can have an effect which can affect you - these effects vary from you to me perhaps. For me the effect was a good thing. It helped me to realize that not everyone wearing black and white stripes is the enemy. It helped me to also realize that driving would be a mistake and therefore I simply stayed put at the Hi-Lo club rather than driving around the city seeking out other wounded hearts wearing sad and mournful crimson and creme - - not hard to find. It also taught me, or affected me in a good way - which was a good effect to have affecting me - it taught me to appreciate purchasing wine at the liquor store for $8.99 rather than buying it by the glass!

Interestingly following the night hours of sorrow, crying on the shoulders of other OU Sooner fans, and celebrating with the Oklahoma State fans over their win (Missouri) I realized that coffee is another good drink to infuse into my veins even if the hour hand on the clock disagrees with my intake. Why is it that the 5:00 hour seems to be OK for wine but 2:46 a.m. seems to be a bit too late or even a bit too early for java? I couldn't disagree more with this particular tradition. I say let the Starbucks stay open, let the water heat, let the beans grind. There isn't a moment in time, an area in space that can't allow the consumption of coffee where I am concerned - it is not, and will never be a replacement for wine, nevertheless it is a reminder of spirit and of vigor! Viva la Restoration! Long live the bean! Long live the desire to open more and more cells at any and every hour possible - unless of course it is your goal to sleep...but who can sleep when one's heart is wracked and torn so openly, so raw...well, probably those wearing any shade of ORANGE!

Wine is good, wine is crimson, wine is for life...this is the truth. There are no real orange wines and there should never be.

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