Monday, October 13, 2008

It May be Considered Very Rude, But...

I am absolutely phenomenal in the kitchen! Yes, I really am, and I think that every once in a great while a person has to say they're really good at something. I make the best looking kids in the world, and I do cook well. I say this after playing around in the gourmet books long enough to decide what it was that I wanted to make for myself. I'm single, I don't date, so here I am eating alone in my place thinking what should it be: Sage Chicken Oro won out - not on the menu!

Basically I broiled chicken, added orange and lemon juices with soy oil, and topped it with sage and onion. There you go - to accompany my new creation I decided on crisp asparagus with a garnish of black olives, tomatoes, and basil - very good choice. I know, I could have had another veggie, I could have found a bread - but I'm trying so hard to keep it under a certain calorie and carb count while making it too delicious to talk myself out of it. I refuse to go to dinner at a restaurant alone. I must have at least one brat with me at all times when dining, and I am brat-less for a while. Having one in Iraq, another in enemy territory (Oklahoma inside joke) and one who simply can't find her way home from time to time to be with her ever-loving mommy - I find myself in the kitchen more and more. It's OK I store the wine there as well.

Oh, but I was so very upset this afternoon to find that the only light wine I had was a Merlot - not light at all, in fact dry and rather deep colored. Because it had not been chilled and the Cab was - we went with Big Ass Red Table Wine - if the shoe fits. LOL Actually, for a cheap little wine it does go well with the beaten sage and roasted onion - seriously, I could be onto something, and soon every Italian restaurante will be calling me asking me for the specifics to this particular bird - should I hold out? Depends on whose asking I guess.

So there you have it - the tiny kitchen reeks of succulent oils and heavy spice, it throbs with the aroma of asparagus, tongues leaping over the medley spread upon the mass of green...and the palate lives and breathes for me one more day.

I need a bigger kitchen actually - to do this right.

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