Saturday, June 21, 2008

Good Luck to Ron & Tillman!!!

Ron & Tillman are contestants on Greatest American Dog! I hope they win!

Hey, I can't turn the TV on without seeing Ron & Tillman on another CBS-TV commercial advertising their new show beginning July 10, this one: Greatest American Dog. Now, we all know, and please; Ron, you'll have to forgive me for saying it, but I have the world's greatest dog, so by virtue of that statement, and since America is part of the world - I also have America's greatest dog! LOL That being said, CBS as chosen my friend Ron and his absolutely adorable little dog for their show, and you can bet my weight (significant as it is) is being thrown in for his vote! If I could set up a phone dialer to call in that wouldn't cost me an arm and a skateboard wheel - I'd do it.

When Faith and I went to L.A. in January 08 to film a Japanese show called DASH we had NO IDEA we'd be filming with Ron and Tillman too. Actually, to be honest we didn't film with them. We were at Venice Beach watching and playing while Tillman out skateboarded every human on the set! He was an animal! No, really, he was a boarding machine. I loved the way he'd stop for half a second, check his wheels and go on! Once he saw that he was going to run flat into a wall and he literally turned himself. I was screaming!! It was so cool to see him play with Ron and with Tsuiya, the host of DASH. I'll post a few more pictures, but you gotta give it up this fall for Tillman if you have the chance to vote for them.

Ron (and he won't mind me saying this because he is SOOOOOOO down to Earth) didn't have an agent when we were filming, and we were on the beach playing with the dogs when a Beach Patrol unit came up to us...this is hilarious...anyway, I'm like motioning to Ron and his buddies to move up the beach, get the dogs out of the way sort of thing. My dog had a vest - with patches and everything. She was somewhat allowed on the beach, but poor Tillman - he was treated like an orphan by the Beach Cop! I was doing my best to pretend that OUR agent had the papers and the vest for Tillman just over by the benches - I was sure he was coming back with them. The whole time I'm still motioning to Ron who's waving at me...finally his friends got it. They start moving up the beach, running with Tillman, trying to give me a little Lee-Way so I can dig myself into the pit I was creating for all of us, but like I said I had a fancy two-legged dog with a vest to hold the man's attention! (Did I tell you this man had the best looking biceps that side of the Mississippi? Seeing how I was in the water practically that's a long long stretch of land to be comparing other people's biceps! He was monster-bicep man!)

Within a few minutes there's smiling Ron, waving Faith's vest, nodding and saying something about the agent getting back to us! Yes..yes, it was a fun day at the beach! Illegal activities not withstanding, Tillman was one great friend to Faith. They played and played...he's gentle too, something she appreciated. When I asked Ron about needing a real agent he was up for it. I called Mike Maguire my advisor, and quickly told him about Ron's need. Well - they're working together now! That's one of the coolest things I can think of for Ron because with Tillman he's got himself a showcase! For the next few years anyway I'm hoping we see a lot of that dog on TV and in Faith flies First Class, and with her quiet demeanor I'm sure she'll continue to wow the audiences in the skies. Tillman should probably not hope for such grand treatment - he's a rowdy boy, but sweet as the day in long. I bet he'd like a few First Class bennies though...maybe an omelet or two, heated peanuts, and a little warm towel. (As long as they don't roll Tillman should leave them be!) :O

Good Luck Ron!! Good Luck Tillman!! We love you!!!!! Thanks for making the beach a great experience.

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