Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Good Morning America "Passed" on Me - OK, So What!

I knew there would be some blow back from the opinion blog that I put out there yesterday about television shows, news shows, entertainment shows, and such wanting me to come onto their sets but not wanting to talk to me about my life - it's all about watching the little dog on her back legs walk. SO FREAKIN' WHAT? She walks! Get over it! The story behind Faith's walking is what's important, not that she can walk. She doesn't give a rat's behind if you can see her walk, show her something interesting - like bacon! Maybe she'll do your little dance or make those circles for you for a bit of food! Good Morning America's Brandon Bodow, obviously a producer, called my publicist, or e-mailed her to ask her to call him and all he wanted to tell her was that he was officially passing on what he called "The Story". I called him back.

"Brandon, this is Jude Stringfellow. My publicist called to tell me that you called her or you e-mailed her, and I'm suppose to call you back. I don't know why." Brandon said "OK, well the reason I asked her to call me was to let her know we were officially passing on the story." "What story Brandon?" I asked. He said, and I quote "The dog, your dog, Faith." I said with a bit of surprise "You know Brandon, there are so many stories about Faith, which one are you referring to?" He really didn't know, he just knew that GMA would be passing. That's cool - I was called by MSNBC just an hour or so beforehand - maybe they know which story they'd like to talk about.

In discussing the passing to my daughter Caity today I couldn't help but mention the name of the show. I told her that Good Morning America was a fantastic show, they had called me about two weeks before I was asked by the Early Show to be on the air to talk about the Walter Reed story, but that they never got around to booking me. They did however get around to pushing me back, screwing with my personal schedule, and making it virtually impossible for me to know what they wanted, when they wanted it, and oh, by the way - I was just suppose to wait on Brandon to tell me when he expected me to be on his set. No thanks GMA, or Brandon if you're working without your bosses knowing that you turn down good stories - I think my time is just as important as I believe yours to be. Trouble is, you don't apparently think my time is all that important, you think I just sit around waiting for your call. I don't.

Caity asked "When does Good Morning America come on?" I told her "Well Caity, that's the funny thing - the show comes on in the morning. Sometime between your second and third REM dream." She said "OK, well they need to show it again and rename it to 'Good Afternoon Caity' if they want me to see it." That was timeless - really precious and it hit home. I don't need the media to validate me. I don't need anyone to tell me that what I do or what Faith does is great - we know that she's unique, and we know that she's got the best spirit out there of any dog we've ever met.

Pass all day - we don't care. Pay me, throw me a little bacon now and then - say in the form of a book deal (oh, and no I'm not exploiting my dog, I'm trying to get her story out there the way it was meant to be told, not her dancing on stage.) I'll listen and you'll get the audience response you need.

Good Morning Jesus!!

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