Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Corn Problems in the World - Solution

Glenn Beck was going on and on today about corn, crops of corn, and farmers who plant, produce, and harvest corn being is a great deal of trouble. The flooding in the Midwest, the higher prices in gasoline (which effect the farmers with their machines) and the rains don't seem to be letting up. Obama is bailing out help and/or aid, or he wants to if he becomes president - and corn rates were already tripling and growing (pardon the pun) before the inflation of economy and the deflation of the dollar - what does that mean for me? Not much.

The corn base is not what I count on. I know, we need corn for corn flakes, but I eat bran. America needs corn to feed the cows for beef products and for milk or dairy products - I gave up eating beef, and soy takes care of the rest. Sorry, I'm not such a believer in Ethanol - it may be less expensive to produce than oil - but did you know that America moved 5,000,000 acres of corn for food production to grow corn for energy? The decision to move the corn production over from food to fuel meant that the price of the corn for food industry got a boom! You and I didn't get a boom, we got the bust! On top of that, the energy they produce through the sublevel corn they're growing isn't cheaper for anyone really - because it doesn't' do as much as fossil fuels do. It's less effective in the miles-per-gallon race. We're going to gas stations that sell the good stuff, or at least the effective stuff. (McCain's for drilling off shore - probably won't find any corn out there! Maybe fish!) LOL

I'm sure the flooding hasn't been all that good on the rice and/or bran products either - my beans, walnuts, grapes and soy may be suffering, but the really good news is ALL OF THOSE BAD TOMATOES ARE DROWNING....last week the world took out our tomatoes - this week we're being threatened with a corn shortage. Maybe, oh just maybe, when you get around to reading the back of the Book you'll figure out that all these earthquakes in strange places, the unnatural love being exhibited by parents and kids, the price of food being increased, the wars and rumors of wars - what do you think? Is it just me or are we actually going to have to say God knew what He was talking about! Acknowledge God? Please...I mean, I do....all the time, but is that going to be the trend?

Well it's about time!

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