Monday, June 2, 2008

The Davenport Hotel - Spokane,Washington


These photos are courtesy of the Davenport Hotel. (

I took pictures, please, believe me when I say I have a lot of pictures of the Davenport, all the rooms, all the people,all the glorious glory that makes this hotel so spectacular! I just don't have them uploaded yet, but I'm sure they won't mind me using these stock photos and you can book yourself a room and get the ultimate pleasure in hotel staying just like Faith and I have been subjected, forced, and made to enjoy over the past weekend and really for five wonderful days.

I hadn't heard of the Davenport because I'm from Oklahoma (that sounds bad) but since I have been here I have heard nothing but how great this place is. When people find out where Faith and I are staying they ask ME questions about a hotel they've never had the nerve to walk into, and they're FROM Spokane. I tell them, the fireplace in the lobby is actually called the living room or the meeting room of Spokane, go in, take a look - bring a camera! The rooms are massive of course, everything was massive in the early part of the 20th Century as far as luxury hotels are concerned. This one could be right up there with any AmWay or Four Seasons in terms of greatness, the service is simply unbeatable, and you know what - I like Spokane now! I never knew I liked Spokane, but I love this place. I could stay here and lounge in the hot tub eating their soft peanut brittle all night. Oh wait...I did that!

I was lucky enough to have a room with the best view and the best shower...but I didn't want a huge marble shower, I wanted a bath tub!! No problem. The hotel concierge moved me. Just like that. I was just teasing about the fact that I couldn't lay around in the tub, drinking champagne, and calling my agent at all hours of the night - it was a joke - but they accommodate at this place. I was almost afraid (hopeful) that someone would come in and actually bathe me. (can I pick who? LOL)

The lobby of course is beautiful, but the halls and the rooms off to the sides where ballroom dancing used to take place, weddings, meetings, oh - just everything is here. There is a grand hall that goes in a square and it has gilded framed photos of the years gone past with the various rooms and the ancestry of the great City of Spokane. People come in and point to someone in a picture and say "That's Mrs. Sprawl when she was 11. When she turned 80 she had her birthday in the same room." That's how great this place is. Brunch was fun for over 200 guests and visitors as Faith walked around greeting everyone and then everyone had to greet her back. I tell people MONEY is not the dirtiest thing in the world, no, my dog's back is! She's petted by everyone and they love her, and she loves them. She's still a little leery of men out of uniform, but there was ONE there! Yes, Sgt. Major Reynolds of Benning! Thanks for loving my dog. (You didn't have to salute, that was kind of you.)

So, I'm going back upstairs to the big, big, big, bed that I can barely climb into. I'm getting under the mounds of comforters and just reading a few things before I allow, yes allow, the staff to come in and draw my bath - I only say that because they were laughing about who got to do it for FAITH..not for me, but that's OK, I'll keep hanging out with her if it means I get this sort of treatment.

THANK YOU to the staff and service personnel at the Davenport, seriously, this has been the best stay ever! (Just a tad more champagne, thank you love, I appreciate it.) You know, warm sheets, big white robes, fluffy pillows and doorbell service, the only thing missing in this fantasy is the bass player from oh, I don't know, some cover band I'm familiar with. That would be perfection! *grins*

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