Saturday, June 7, 2008

Official Army Fun


Baby Boy - At Leisure

Sometimes the boy sends me photos of his official Army adventures and reminds me point blank that I can't post the photos, I can't talk about what he's learned. I can't even talk about where he's going to be going - officially. It's a place near the Middle East, a little hot-spot we refer to as "In Theatre", but for the sake of telling the world too much - we code it by saying "He's going to the movies" soon, but I can't say when.

Today however, far from the cinematic fun of chasing rockets, destroying weapons, and just being the kooky big kid that he can be in that tank-thing of his, my son the Juggernaut is lounging around the backside of Ft. Wainwright, AK in his skivvies! Yes, this time he actually got caught WITH his clothes on; there have been times in just the recent past where he and my daughter Caity have had the naked theme going for various on-looking cameras. When Reu called me the other day to warn me that he may be seen au naturale over the AP the only thing I could think of to say in his defense was "I made that butt!" He was quick witted enough to say "it's bigger now", of that fact - I am sure.

Reu has always made the best of any situation - at the age of five when I grounded him for screaming in the parking lot of the local store and causing a scene, he went to his room willingly and I didn't hear a word-one from him for over an hour. Because I'm the snoopy mom that I am, I peeked in on the boy - he was fine. He was no longer alone, but he was fine. He had taken the box of crayolas (camo box/bag actually) and had drawn several people on his walls so that he would have someone to talk to - more probable, someone to hear his side of the story. He's always been fair like that - never wanting to accuse me of not listening to him. He just repeats himself over and over again until he's quite sure he's been heard.

The boy plays! This is a good sign. He's healthy, he's happy, he's finally getting that tan he so desperately needed. Living in Alaska can kill the options of ever winning that bronze-god competition he was so hoping to enter once he went to the movies! Perhaps they can use my son to guide the other men back to the barracks if he stays as white as he is today! But look at him smile! This is truly a happy kid. At least the Army isn't like living at the firehouse where at any moment one would have to leave the pleasure of their new kiddie pool, dress out, and go put out a burning edifice. Reuben's leisure time is much like that of the sun these days - his unit works mostly at night (can I tell them that son, or will I get into some sort of official trouble? It's not like most of them can jump in their cars and see for themselves what it is that you guys are doing in the dark - well, the would be dark - up there in Alaska!) He's just going to be water logging himself for hours I guess.

One of the best things about Reuben is that he will never swim alone. He is so responsible about that in particular - there could be any number of mishaps, and probably already has been. I haven't gotten the call yet, the CALL meaning he's been taken to the hospital again. It's been a while now in fact. I'm wondering if he was actually pretty scared when the General told him he couldn't break him in rank, but that he could see to it that his happy Oklahoma butt (the one I made) could be stationed forever in TEXAS! His health has greatly improved since that discussion, but I can bet anyone and everyone that he hasn't given it a good try - I'm sure out there in the wilderness there's a moose with a handmade lasso still stuck to it from where the kid tried to wrangle it. (It's not a regular bull son, let it go.) I'm sure that out there in the fawn-dawn light of the barely gliding to the ground sun, there is a newly formed football field, even if only 50 yards long, that has my son's blood on it somewhere - you can take the boy out of the Sooner State, but you can't take the Sooner out of the boy!

I'd say Hooah to you for the swimming efforts, but saying "Boomer Sooner" just fits a little better at this point. Hey, only 84 days before kick off - you think they'll let you watch a little ball in the theatre? I hope so! Splish! Splash!

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