Friday, February 16, 2007

That Oklahoma Spirit!~

Congratulations to KWTV-9 Sky 9 Helicopter Pilots!

It is awesome to be able to show you what good ol' Oklahoma Spirit really is!In Oklahoma the ice and snow has been so thick and bad that one of our lakes (Thunderbird in Norman, OK) froze over. It didn't freeze too deeply, but deeply enough for a young male deer to walk out and get stranded - think Bambi trying to walk on the lake, remember how he couldn't? The deer was stranded for hours and people grew concerned. Their planning and strategies were frugile, he wouldn't be distracted, and he wouldn't be freed. ENTER KWTV's Sky-9 helicopter! The pilot and crew figured it out! They hovered over the deer and angled their chopper just enough to blow the deer (gently) across the ice in a laying position, to the edge of the rocky shore. Within seconds he was freed, up and running again! Sky-9 then followed the deer a little over a mile to be sure he was OK. He is. Thank you guys!!! You're awesome!!! Way to show that Oklahoma Spirit

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