Friday, February 16, 2007

My Killing Man!

Ruby Tuesday is a Killer Now! (Let's hope he keeps that in check)

I am so very very proud of Baby Boy (Reuben). He graduated January 26, 2007 from Basic Training and AIT through the rigors of Ft. Knox, Echo Company 281st Batt. 2nd Platoon. He was the best looking kid on stage of course, and out of a couple of hundred bald men, yes - I recognized him immediately. When it came his turn to stand and shout off his name, city, and state he did so very clearly, very proudly, and with the biggest smile. Sgt. Campbell (see pix) told me he was the ONLY soldier smiling in the graduation picture, and that he disobeyed orders to look tough and hard. Laughing, I told the good Sgt. that my son knows I'm the one paying for the picture - he'd better smile. Sgt. Campbell said "Yes, he said that in his defense."

We drove about 900 miles from Oklahoma City to just outside Louisville, KY to see my baby boy walk the stage, do his cadence, be sworn in, and be graduated from the U.S. Army's Basic Training program and his AIT training to become a full fledged tanker. I've learned a great deal about Army life from watching on the sidelines, and from being a part of Reuben's process. I want the very best for him, therefore I actually told his Drill Sgts to rough him up a bit more than the others because he's tough, he's not going to break, and if they didn't push him to the limits they won't get their money's worth. They listened! Reuben is in perfect shape and physical condition, and he's now licensed to kill when someone offends the country or its security. Thanks Drill Sgts. Campbell and Kurtz. (I'm sure there are more to thank, but you two were his favorite)The future is in the hands of the men and women who are brave enough to dedicate their lives, give their bodies and their minds to the service of our countries protection.

It takes a lot of strength and a lot of courage to obey orders. It takes a great deal of discipline, morality, and bravdo to do what you are told to you - and not to make flash decisions on your own that might negatively affect the country, or its citizenry. Thank you to the men and women of our Armed Forces - all of you. Thank you, and Godspeed be with you - His grace, and His mercies. When you return, do so knowing you are loved and honored. If you do not return, go in peace also knowing you are prayed over, loved, and never forgotten.

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