Friday, February 16, 2007

My Baby Caity Loves Me!

My Baby Caity loves me!!!

Look what my daughter posted today on My Space!!"From:C A I T Y{gremlin™}[VL][HL]JPK{ttbk}

Date:Dec 24, 2006 7:36 PMSubjectTo this year...

Body: "this is for the woman who told me I was too young to date. She told me when I mature I can. and I thought for a split second I was ready but truth be told, If I ever have another relationship...I wouldn't dare be serious about it. I am too young for depression too young for yelling my lungs out at someone...too young to deal with another life let alone with my own. I am too childish to listen to the other person..I will leave them to be with a dog and I will never listen to their problems...even when I say I am. I cannot be trusted with the slightest of another and I will not put self pity to you. This is to the woman who taught me everything I know to this day(except how to fight..granted, to PVT Stringfellow) Thank you. I understand."

I do understand.....I love you Caity Baby Baby Caity! (Clean your room)

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